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  1. All fine good for looking out qtz
  2. Hey fox hat. You wouldn't have that bug problem. If you drive backwards!
  3. Oh come on that's all you can complain about . Really is the sun not going to come out . Those marks on a14 year old piece of junk. I bet you can't drive with that especially with it on the back glass. Get a's tint not like you got rip ed off. Could use some heating out .or maybe let it dry out more.
  4. Yea I saw that a couple months ago.strange. I use F1 fast wax to clean my film off. That stuff is amazing if anyone wants to try some I got the hook up . We sell it to our customers . Every. Little bet helps.
  5. Hey tinters I'm hoping that you can help me. I'm looking for some pictures of auto bhan. / and llumar ctx .on white trying to show my sister who's in Houston . Where looking for the best out there to do a full tint on a white a4 2017. Brand new. I'm the only one that does here cars but now we don't live in the same state as I'm in break light Colorado. I can get you the job.those are pretty straight forward job .it has to be clean and I mean clean. If you can pm. Me you shop number so I can pass it on. Picture would help alot. I told her to do ctx. But she's looking for a more silver look and the autobhn s more silver. She really likes the PP. From llumar but can't use it now . G.B.T. Thanks.