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  1. PJF


    That depends on many factors from the difficulty of the job to the type of film used. It is easy to do 50 sq ft on a window that measures 60" x 120" tall. That can be installed quickly vs the same 50 sq ft in 50 individual french panes. See my point. Also, a window size that allows you to do the install with very little waste is less expensive than one that maybe has 10" of cut off on every window. It is nearly impossible to just give flat sq. ft. price numbers without knowing more about the particular job. If you do it that way, you may get lucky and have some very profitable jobs, but you will also end up with some that you take it in the shorts on. Just my $.02.
  2. No, not us. We are at www.InterwestTools.com. The place you got it from should be able to take care of you. The manufacturer of those is Pro Tools Now and they stand behind their products.
  3. It should not be loose like that. In fact, it should be a fairly tight pressure fit into the handle. If you bought that from us, let me know and I would be happy to arrange a replacement for you. Thanks, Patric