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  1. i prefer the "you send work to me and i'll send work to you" method. that way no one is fighting over a $20 bill they think they are owed. also, if you are doing good work, people will find you
  2. i've seen some really big scratches after tinting that i never spotted before
  3. with the guys i have trained in the past, i felt it took 2 years to really get it down-and that is with direction. not that you couldn't tint a window sooner-i just felt that it took that long to really be confident and adept at tinting a full car with no trouble. i have to add that i take things really slow when training. so don't give up. and remember, you can make money and not be perfect. turn some jobs out. do the best you can. and then fix your mistakes if they get noticed. when you fix your mistakes and you are not getting paid for your time, you learn quick. a young carpenter's work is not as good as a seasoned contractor, but he can still make money and learn.
  4. doesn't even make sense-what seal is broke that would cause a window motor not to work???
  5. i can see your point also and i understand it. this is the problem with our business: we are specialty and custom work but we do not get the respect because our work is not expensive enough. let me explain the way i look at it. let's say i get a new civic sedan in and i charge $300.00 for it and it takes 1.5 hrs. guy is unhappy because he finds a few dots and can't be reasoned with. i remove it, risk damaging defroster, spend more time than the application in removal, and give his money back. and i never did anything wrong-he's just an asshat and can't be satisfied. and i'm done and out all my money and time. down the road, jimmy's body shop does a paint job for $3500 and the same guy is unreasonable with him. what does he do? give back $3500 and remove the paint???? no. he tries to explain and then eventually tells the guy to go screw. we are not treated with respect because when it comes down to it, all we do is put big stickers on windows
  6. DO NOT GIVE MONEY BACK FOR A JOB DONE CORRECTLY! NEVER! you tell them to go get the tint done perfectly somewhere else. if they bring it back and YOU can't find a flaw, then give them the full price for the tint and the removal fee from the other shop. i guarantee you will not be paying any money out of pocket.
  7. been tinting for 30 years-never did a perfect car yet. you can find a flaw in every window if you want to get down and dirty and look for it if anyone says they can do a full car perfect, another tinter will find a flaw in it. it's the nature of the business. there is dust in the air all around us and that gets picked up before you can peel and set it in place. can't be done and i'm not a betting man, but i'll put money on that all day long. it's a no brainer.
  8. used to love those jobs-now i'm just too old and too FAT! too scared also
  9. yep-i'm here in lackawanna and we are still red pretty crazy situation
  10. going to the beach, you see the signs "no shirt, no shoes, no service" and no one says a thing about their freedoms being taken away when you go to the hospital to visit a loved one and the nurse says wear a mask when you go in the room to protect the sick-we do it now we have a major disease and the experts say "wear a mask" and this may save a life-and people flip the F out what are we coming to??
  11. i'm sure everyone is getting bombarded with forwards and reposts and retweets-maybe you seen this maybe not but i thought it was worth a watch btw-i'm not one to forward stuff. i'm not sure this is where we are at today, but it does show how serious something can be. i never realized how bad this was. you know, you hear numbers and it goes in one ear and out the other- but when you watch this, it brings home what the SF really was. it blew my mind how fast it spread and how quick people died.
  12. i think we should just listen to our great commander in chief-his white house posted https://www.whitehouse.gov/openingamerica/ quote "Strongly consider using face coverings while in public, and particularly when using mass transit." so if our incredible leader asks us to do this-shouldn't all of us patriotic Americans(who love him so much) follow his life-saving guidelines? after all-he has said how much he cares about us and only wants the best for us am i wrong???