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  1. i personally don't hate the sunstrips. minimum $50 and always have the tint ready i guess i really hate anything that takes time and too much mental energy like the 79 vette rear i just did for a friend and of course the audi a6
  2. was thinking the same thing these situations are posted here all the time and even with both sides of the story, we still don't know who is to blame and no one here can make that call. i see a bunch of scenarios here 1) car was scratched when it went in 2) shop scratched car on accident and knows about it and is denying it 3) car got scratched at shop and no one even realized it 4) customer got a scratch after leaving 5) someone walked by car while it sat in shops parking lot and scratched it on accident 6) customer stops for gas on the way to shop and it gets scratched 7) probably others you can come up with..... i've accidentally damaged cars in my shop before(after almost 30 years, you're gonna have a couple) and i've paid to get them fixed. but i've also been blamed for damage i didn't do and i will NEVER bend to paying for that. i, for one, am not a believer that the customer is always right because too many people take advantage of a situation.
  3. Taco says 14 cars average-gotta believe him if he says it maybe he does 7 full cars and a couple suvs and a couple trucks to round it out to 14
  4. ....AND he doesn't even want any help.
  5. impressive is not the word-it's way beyond impressive. i'm just trying to wrap my head around the thought of doing 14 cars on average a day-holy crap 14 hour day?? pulling cars in and out, cutting, cleaning, shrinking, applying. and no comebacks!!!!! DAMN!!!! hands down-best i've ever heard of i've never wanted to meet a fellow tinter, but you, sir, are someone who i would like to meet and also learn from
  6. yep-no problem there at all some people expect it to look like factory tinted glass-got to remember it is aftermarket and you can't expect perfection-just a really good job(which that is)
  7. yep-that black is original-i've done a bunch of them years ago when i was just starting and that stuff will just keep flaking gotta pass on those-too frustrating
  8. no, not for tint install great soap for everyday use
  9. and after you do everything to prevent it........ you still will get some!!!
  10. 3m has a huge name that people know. other than that, there is nothing that 3m has over any of the other mannys. years ago i tried 3m and after buying and using 3 rolls, i went back to my other film. don't know about anyone else, but i can honestly say that 99% of people that call just want their car tinted. i rarely get questioned on what i brand or type of film i use. bottom line, if you can tint and tint well, then you will make money.