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  1. i usually use some flat black vinyl and cover that button from the rear outside just enough to cover the button.
  2. i always leave a slight gap. if someone wants it shaved, i charge extra. 30 years in the biz and no one complains about a nice, even, small gap.
  3. i've used my same film for years and have had 1 or 2 customers come back and show me something similar but on 99.9% of the cars no problem. not sure what caused it. i'm not sure if another film would make a difference
  4. just got to learn to MacGyver stuff
  5. perfectly normal depending on film
  6. the boards are glass. been using the same ones for 20 years. surprisingly they are not too beat up yet with scratching. i've rented all my life. so nice to have my own place with no overhead. also, i made this place super clean and bright and epoxied the floor. i have always thought my work was good. but when you have a super clean environment, it makes all the difference.
  7. well, got out of the commercial location and it's time to relax set up a little shop in the home garage, upped the prices, and only tint the easy stuff from now on notice, i put an 8' door in so i don't have to tint high vehicles(since i'm old)
  8. worth every penny! u can't do it for less
  9. i put a maintenance charge on any full car i am doing as soon as it comes in-then you never have a worry
  10. anyone tint one of these yet? i love that suicide door look-looking forward to seeing one in person.
  11. i've been tinting about 30 years and thought i was pretty good i have tinted my fair share of c4 vettes and always 3 pieced them-i no longer do them because i don't need that stress in my life that was the most impressive rear window shrink i ever saw i've heard of it being done but always thought it was BS you are a master and i feel like the grasshopper
  12. had the same thing for 2 fronts and the customer just kept arguing so i said to him " if you had a stereo installed and it broke, would you throw the stereo out and expect it to be covered under warranty?" conversation over
  13. or just reject it 😲 don't need any challenges anymore! lol
  14. you have dust/debris under the tint it takes tons of practice to get your install technique down to get a clean install
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