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  1. I have a program I had made custom for my tint business and now it is being marketed. I had a good friend that I was in business with develop it and now he rents an office from me at my new shop. Great guy and great scheduling program.
  2. One year ago today we had our Grand Opening of our new shop! Within the first year we have tinted nearly 2,000 vehicles and 1,000 graphics/wrap jobs along with countless accessories installed. Thanks to all of our loyal customers who made this possible! We have been very blessed especially in such a trying year as this. Thank you all from the bottom of out hearts! Forever gratetful!!!
  3. We have actually found that the blue and black cards rarely scratch unless you pickup some debris. But using and orange or blue max for the majority of the window and finish around the edges with a hard card.
  4. Anytime you put stress on vinyl it needs to be post heated. Especially air release and especially around the edges. It's actually a good idea to hit all installs with heat, It will show you where and imperfections and air is left behind.
  5. We honestly have never had any issues. We tried tint slime, baby shampoo and just about everything over 35+ years and I think it's the most consistent.
  6. We use Fusion, seems to be the most consistent we have ever tried. We do use a little more when it gets hot and humid. I was always told that dish soap can break down the glue and I know for a fact it can streak door panels.
  7. Here is ours, use from both sides plus stores all of your film, heat guns, lights etc.
  8. I personally have not been able to find those thumb trigger spray nozzles in years. I really liked them better. They had the filter that could be cleaned and were more durable than this cheap replacement. Good luck, if you find any let me know.
  9. I really just had to buy the glass. I designed it and had a fabricator buddy of mine do the work. Had to buy the casters which aren't cheap either. But it really works well and you can have a guy working from each side of it.
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  11. I built two identical racks double sided for our new shop. Made out of aluminum and holds all of our tint down below along with lights and heat guns.
  12. Looking for a full time installer in a brand new shop that has been around for 35 years. Great pay and great environment. PM if interested.
  13. We use We love it. I had my IT company develop this piece a software just for us and made it very versatile to fit any business need. Check it out!
  14. Another service we offer besides tinting and wraps is making custom neon clocks. Anyone looking for a cool piece for their shop or showroom or maybe even a nice gift for someone. Here is a sample of one I did for a fellow tint shop. Checkout the website or contact me for details.
  15. Hello, We are in Bloomington and have used Scorpion for 7-8 years now and love it. By far the best customer service I have ever experienced in the 35+ years I have been in the business. Plus Marcus And Billy at UCA Distributing are great as well.