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  1. I really just had to buy the glass. I designed it and had a fabricator buddy of mine do the work. Had to buy the casters which aren't cheap either. But it really works well and you can have a guy working from each side of it.
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  3. I built two identical racks double sided for our new shop. Made out of aluminum and holds all of our tint down below along with lights and heat guns.
  4. Looking for a full time installer in a brand new shop that has been around for 35 years. Great pay and great environment. PM if interested.
  5. We use We love it. I had my IT company develop this piece a software just for us and made it very versatile to fit any business need. Check it out!
  6. Another service we offer besides tinting and wraps is making custom neon clocks. Anyone looking for a cool piece for their shop or showroom or maybe even a nice gift for someone. Here is a sample of one I did for a fellow tint shop. Checkout the website or contact me for details.
  7. Hello, We are in Bloomington and have used Scorpion for 7-8 years now and love it. By far the best customer service I have ever experienced in the 35+ years I have been in the business. Plus Marcus And Billy at UCA Distributing are great as well.
  8. Here is a new promo video that was recently done at our new location. Sorry I posted this twice, I was not logged in the first time. Thanks for looking.
  9. Looking for some experienced window tint/vehicle wrap installers for the new shop. Located in Bloomington, Indiana if anyone is interested please contact me.
  10. has some very helpful videos
  11. Here are some interior shots of the new shop. We are having a grand opening tomorrow! Wish us luck!
  12. I have used this product for many years and you have to really heat set the edges just like you do a vinyl wrap. If you leave any moisture under the edges it will fail. This product works very well and stays on for years if you really bake it in after installation. Only real issue is that the newer headlights and tails are becoming so complex that you just can not wrap them without doing it in pieces. I turn down more these days than I actually do for that reason.
  13. Thanks for the nice comments. I will post some interior pics when we get it all finished up and move in ready.
  14. Excited to announce that our new shop will be completed this month. We hope to get moved in and using it next month. Been a long time in the making and we are more than ready!