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  2. I only own 3 pair of shoes and 2 of them are sandals
  3. Multiple the glass 20% with the film 20% your answer is 4% 20 times 20 equals 400/ 4%
  4. I have one in the shop now they won't pick it up until 5. Had a call on a pair of door windows said they were available anytime. Told them I could get it after lunch. Not available today.
  5. 6.00 p.m. call wanting in tomorrow
  6. Just remember @DynamicATL the hell with the raccoon
  7. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Is a great movie with two great actors
  8. Somebody wants a price on this. I don't think I want to do it
  9. whole thing 20% over factory 20% on front doors I posted a pic of it
  10. I popped the tops and pulled seals it really wasn't to bad to tint
  11. Does this need to come off? If so how?
  12. @no ma'am X3 for me today