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  1. Hello everyone, Is anyone aware of any film cutting software that maximizes the efficiency of cutting security film or other films for large jobs such as 200 panes to 1000 panes? Having to figure the most efficient way to cut large security film jobs is very time consuming and hard to keep up with when work is busy. I understand a formula of this magnitude is very difficult but if anyone has a formula that they use on a coding software or any other programs I would be happy to discuss buying options. Thanks in advance. Any input on how all of you are taking on cutting jobs of large quantities would be greatly appreciated.
  2. How did you cut the product? We have had issues as wel in the past.
  3. Thanks for the response. Glad I'm not the only one that thinks that way. We have a massive job right now that has to be done with this film.. ?
  4. Hey guys, Do any of you guys have experience installing this film? Any issues with this film? Currently doing a large project with this spec'd film and it cuts down our square footage quite a bit.
  5. Going forward we will be doing the same. Paint correction before installation. Hopefully this will help us bring more clients in in the long run!
  6. Few questions regarding what everyone does pre application for cleaning. Curious to see how many people are giving the paint a complete detail before installing the PPF. By complete detail I mean taking the necessary steps to remove all contaminants, Microfiber swirls/scratches from paint before applying the PPF. At the moment I just power wash, wipe down and clay bar the paint before application. What steps do you guys use to prep for installation? Do you guys charge extra for a complete detail of paint areas getting product or is it factored in for all PPF installations? Thanks
  7. IMO more slip solution will help prevent access moisture left behind. Also make sure you have a lot of slip solution under the film and hit it with nice overlapping passes. One pass with a yellow turbo gets all necessary moisture for me. I use the installation gel now but have used J@J in the past. The small water blisters that you see will show once the film dries but it is easy to avoid with proper installation and proper slip solution. As for wrapping edges I flush them with a 25%ISO 75%H20 mix, let them dry a bit then hit with a steamer and wrap them around.
  8. We currently are the same way with our customers about being up front about the process. For instance we will show them the bumper pattern before we sell/install it and explain the process. All our installs are as good as the pattern will allow them to be. That being said maybe if we get the DAP program we can raise the price and possibly sell more PPF by offering more coverage areas. We are the only PPF shop for about 70 miles in a highly populated area.
  9. actually we use Xpel right now but are going to carry llumars new PPF film... It seems like a great film as well. We do use Llumar auto films and Llumar/vista commerical/residential films.
  10. Does the DAP software have mounting tips? Like numbered 1-6 or so? What is the average amount of coverage patterns it has per vehicle? The whole vehicle? Or just basic stuff generally?
  11. Thanks for the quick responses Jeff. We will be making a decision soon.
  12. How about partial hood fender then full bumper.. maybe we are too low. We are at 700 for partial.
  13. Curious on how people set their pricing. Square footage? Packages for set price? Right now we have packages for pricing so customers have quick idea on price and then modify if needed based on the car/truck. We use Xpel Ultimate film- full hood,fender, bumper, and mirrors would be around 1250$ Which takes me around 4-6 hrs. Too much ? Thanks
  14. From my understanding DAP has best patterns out there. The problem is that we only do about 5-10 installs per month at the moment, sometimes even less but we are pushing to do more in the near future. So if we were at 5 installs per month is the DAP program worth it for money?