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  2. Bound to happen, have always said I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a factory option or as technology becomes better some other sort of hardened layer is sprayed on during the manufacturer process. As long as its better then the film they use from factory for the rear impact areas already. The question is who is doing the installs and is it really done at the manufacturer or sub'd out. I thought XPEL was authorized OEM for Porsche? If auto manufacturers start offering it in house then it is going to affect all installers. Means installers have been screwed by the PPF manufacturers by them selling the product direct effectively cutting out installers. The PPF manufacturers will all scramble to try sell it to the different car manufacturers as that's where the money will end up being instead of aftermarket. Lets hope it doesn't go that way...
  3. Don't think it was a new rule, happened here a couple of years ago but I know it wasn't everywhere which as annoying. One set of rules for one country and not another so maybe they have just decided to do it everywhere now. Some people may call it smart as it locks people into also buying their films. Whether this has translated into more money as opposed to the loss of DAP only sales who knows. The problem with doing it this way is you are resting everything on the fact you have the best software and so people will pay to use you and your film. As we know with technology that never lasts. What do you do then, go backwards? Sunteks Patterns are really good these days and if you see the 3D scanning tool/camera/machine they use you can understand why. So another case of technology allowing other peoples templates to get better. Others are working hard on their templates to, I know Avery will be releasing a database for their SPF XI films at the end of the year also. Although no matter which software you use you can be certain that the manufacturer wants you to use their film to, sure they may not lock it down on you but you can bet they will push you to use their film. Win win if it is a film you use anyway. What id personally benefit from is a company with different pricing models. I bulk everything now but kits still come in handy for all the inserts on bumpers, door cups, boot ledges etc. To pay a high monthly fee to just cut those every now and then sucks but is also another reason Suntek works for me, great for bulk installers as you don't feel you are paying too much for little use. Although id still like them to have a low volume cut price.
  4. Their vinyl wasn't the greatest so id imagine it would be a pig to install as well. I can get most edges with PPF like vinyl except the obvious pointy ones like the back of a hood, a slight line having to trim them is nothing. Avery have me test their unreleased Gen 2 SPF PPF film and it was actually quite nice to work with. They are testing it side by side with a number of films and also do age testing and other tests like they do with their Vinyl. Like Jeff said they will all look the same when applied but there are companies that put a lot of time and money into R&D and then there are those that will only care how it looks when first applied. Having said that I do believe there is a market for 'lower quality' films that don't need to last as long. Plenty of 4WD's out there that want a layer that is going to get smashed pretty quick, caravan coverage. Even covering things like bench's, toolchests etc. These people don't need the best, the film will get trashed quickly so forking out big bucks for that is a bit crazy and is a whole section of a market missed. The flip side to that is now there are so many films out there, some fairly cheap that more places are just picking up PPF as a service with pretty poor quality installs. Learning from YouTube just like what has happened in the vinyl wrap world. All business get affected by that sort of flooding of the industry no matter how much they stick by their quality.
  5. I switched from Xpel to Suntek and i like it. I did go from XPEL Ultimate to Suntek Ultra though so maybe a bit of apples and oranges as i never tried the Ultimate +. As mentioned above there is a lot that comes into play with choosing who to go with. Software pricing and CS are big. I know XPEL in the US are great and loved dealing with the guys there. Was a different story over hear though, i wont go into it too much but it was more about selling film so setting up installers as direct competition in the area wasnt a concern instead of growing current installers business. In the US i believe you dont have that issue as country distributors are more concerned with the bottom dollar since they have an investment riding on it. As far as the software goes, Truecut has come leaps and bounds. I am very impressed with the newer patterns and its getting easier to use. Not as easy as i found DAP but for the price i dont mind taking some extra time to tinker and i expect it to get easier over time. Suntek have also teamed up with creaform3d to implement new 3D scanning technology. the machine used looks pretty wicked and if they say it will be even more accurate then thats exciting. Bottom line is they are constantly trying to improve all aspects so i have no issues sticking with Truecut.
  6. Always test a coating on a small section thats easy to replace first. I use a Gyeon 6monthly coating (think its called cancoat). I only use it on my cars and when customers want a coating i usually send them to the detailing pro's that use a Willams coating. I did have a customer that took it to another place that their coating f@#ked the wrap. Why the coating place didnt test it on a section first is beyond me. With coatings on wraps it comes down to technique more then anything. If you dont know how to professionally install a coating then i wouldnt bother. If its not applied properly it will streak and then once it hardens its too late.
  7. As others mention the initial cost and then the cost to hone your skills is pretty crazy. One of the big reasons not anyone can just start doing it. You need that commitment. I must admit in the early days i almost packed it in with the amount of times i would take off a panel and redo it because i was not happy with the quality. not a good feeling scrunching up any profits and throwing them in the bin. I slashed my overheads by changing film providers (for other reasons) and can make good money per job. All those things will come into play as you get into it. Good Luck!
  8. May depend where he is located. I know some of the distributors here for brands new to the market (new here anyway) only offer 60" rolls e.g Stek & Avery. They are obviously distributors that arent too aware of the needs of the installer or are just offering a limited range until they can gauge its popularity.
  9. cmon man, dont make it so tempting to make a comment about being a father or banging a relative
  10. Sorry but it came across as sour grapes with comments that weren't needed, nothing to do with me being sensitive. Maybe reread your first too unnecessary lines instead of blaming others for why you don't post. So bottom line is guys, Suntek announced 72" rolls are on their way. Others apparently haven't them to but 3 months is too early to start marketing. Enjoy them from whoever you get them from but apparently they will have issue. Enjoy your installs, I'm off to get a coffee.
  11. Shots fired against Suntek hey, not sure why. Well they did market it at SEMA and they also did installs of it I believe, which one could assume wouldn't be done if there was quality issues. No one ever said it was exclusive, just that they are first to announce its release as it is a much anticipated size for some. If Premiumshield has quality issues with their 72" rolls then that's their issue, and if you are not expecting much from it then why would you release it, don't release it at all until you are certain the quality is high. I wouldn't be comparing the sub par quality of Ventureshield to the better quality and more forgiving films of today.
  12. Seems like Suntek are 1st to the ball and have launched their new 72" rolls, although not available until January though. Should help with those wide bonnets!
  13. Looks completely different to where the film is to me If my car came with that much orange peel in the paint id be taking it back!
  14. That's some orange peel! I haven't seen 3M pro but damn! I went the other way, from XPEL Ultimate to Suntek Ultra and man I love the finish of it and how it was to work with. No issues with edges for me. I have heard XPEL was bringing out a plus so id say it will be on par with Suntek Ultra but I can only imagine the price of it over here if its more expensive then the standard offering. I'm saving about $800 a roll using Suntek Ultra, can pass that onto my customers which should inturn bring in more business. Havent had a chance to play with the new Trucut but from speaking to the rep a fair bit has changed and has become more user friendly so that will be a plus, otherwise I will just keep bulking...
  15. They both have their pro's and con's. I don't think kits are necessarily quicker, for install sure, but what about the time it takes to find the kit, ensure its right, cut, weed etc. That is added time. I switched from DAP to TruCut and it was a lot more time consuming to extend edges and make other mods, with more time I'm sure I could get a little quicker but still not as simple. I was more forced to switch from kits to bulk. Film companies don't have different levels of access for their programs to cater for different businesses. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to install PPF every day to cover the crazy fees. So you have to do what fits in with your business. You don't need to remove a lot off a car to get a better fit with bulk. You can tuck under a headlight instead of trimming in front, you can tuck into the grille rather then having a line going around it. The cons of bulking is material wastage and cutting on a customers car.