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  1. Brand new Amarok for a friends contractor company.
  2. BM-TINT

    BMW E30

    Hi guys. Have any of you tinted a BMW E30 before? How did you do the rear side windows? Did you pull the glass? Haven't had a chance to look at the car yet, it's coming in tomorrow.
  3. Rest of the car is easy. Only the front quarters sucks.
  4. With the time you guys are posting, that includes a whole car w/o windshield?
  5. Hi. Had a brand new E-class in yesterday with 8km on the odometer. I'll give some tips regarding the car. Rear panels; lift the top up a bit and pull back. The clips are very tight so you may use some elbowgrease to get it of. To be able to get the gasket out you have to pry back the plastic trim between door window and quarterwindow. To get the gasket out, pull panel and trim towards you, start lifting gasket from the rear of the door(quarterwindow), twist and jiggle a bit and the gasket should come out. These cars carry alot of electronics so be sure to cover the fusebox and the unit behind the fusebox with rags and/or releaseliner.
  6. Hello fellow tinters. Has anyone tinted one of these cars? Have a custy that want me to quote him for the rear windows. Best regards
  7. I went for the job, quoted him aprox $1400, did it almost without any hazzle. Only problem I had were the hinges for the both sliding window. But managed to cut around. All screws were rusted, so it was either use force and break it, or cut around with a decent result, We went for the last. Photo that custy sent me a couple of weeks after install. Sent him a message and asked if he was satisfied with the result, and it better than he ever expected
  8. Three friends from Tesla Car Club Norway drove 3 hours to get their windows tinted by me. All done with ClassicBlack 20 on the rear. Alongside a MB A-class and MB Vito which also were tinted that day. A-class ClassicB 35 rear and 42 front, Vito CB15 rear.
  9. Had an F10 M5 in the other day, full car done with Classic Black 42.
  10. Same here. Very happy with the film and I always get help when needed from Express. They sort things quick.
  11. BM-TINT


    How's the rear quaters on these cars? Tinted the car. Took out the rear quarter windows. One phillips screw behind the gasket on top of the door, and two 10mm screws behind the doorpanel. Slide the windowchannel towards the front out the car and pull the window towards the front until it comes out.
  12. More specific custy are waiting for a quote
  13. Hi guys. I have a question for you, I've never tinted a boat before so I don't know how much I should quote this one. He's asking for only sides to be done, not fronts. Does someone have an estimate for what I should charge? Color stable film Best regards