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  1. 🙄 💩 Shitouette, I mean silhouette, it may shrink well but only sort of lasts 2 to 3 years before going purple, it turns purple just sitting in the box. Out of those three, llumar. Just stay with solargard 👍
  2. Thank you, Have just ordered some , will let you how it go's
  3. OlfaMan


  4. Hi Folks, Im just interested in what blades people are using to cut SolarGard Vortex. Im having trouble with not cutting enough and then cutting right though the backing sheet, very random cuts, also seams to be breaking tips off. I have sort of given up tryng to cut Vortex with the plotter but I have a job coming that I will need to cut a lot of the same shape windows. Have been using CleanCut blades. Any help will be very much appreciated Regards Olfaman
  5. He said it is a good film, so it must be good, right.
  6. Yep, sunstrips, not much film involved but they suck up the time.
  7. The ATR solution is magic stuff, but hard to get in Australia, the only place I found that sell it are a bunch of pork chops.
  8. OlfaMan

    2017 Volvo XC60

    Found it , another screw under the window switch
  9. OlfaMan

    2017 Volvo XC60

    Hi folks, Just working the all new XC60, any clues for taking off the front door panels? There a bit like the new XC90 but seams like theres another hidden screw somewhere. One screw behind the rubber in grab handle, one screw at bottom of door panel. Have tried to take off plastic around the pull handle but it dosent come easy, seams to easy to brake. Cheers
  10. Ive noticed a change in there product lately and the quality has dropped big time. I have a pile a CXP range of rolls here that are to be disposed of after replacements have been sent. They have dots or particles in them.