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  1. I use a Sharpie marker then cut the film on the peel board, take's a couple extra minutes but you will never have to replace the glass from cutting marks.
  2. Work for yourself and every job is 100%
  3. Just make your own patterns
  4. Suntek by any chance?
  5. This was in the WFAANZ news letter a little while ago. (Window film association of Australia and New Zealand) Tiguan tint trouble If an owner of a VW Tiguan come into your workshop wanting tint on the rear screen – would you do it? Many tinters wouldn’t to avoid potential dramas down the line. The Tiguan Owner’s Manual advises against putting stickers of any kind on the inside surface of the rear screen, as removal of such could damage the window heating system. So, before you touch the rear screen of a Tiguan – always advise your customer of this recommendation. If they still want to proceed, have them sign a waiver. If the film ever needs to be removed (for whatever reason) and the demister bars are damaged during the removal, the entire rear window may need to be replaced.
  6. Vinegar is acidic, you might want to test it first before using on a customers car.
  7. Shitouette, I mean silhouette, it may shrink well but only sort of lasts 2 to 3 years before going purple, it turns purple just sitting in the box. Out of those three, llumar. Just stay with solargard
  8. Thank you, Have just ordered some , will let you how it go's
  9. OlfaMan


  10. Hi Folks, Im just interested in what blades people are using to cut SolarGard Vortex. Im having trouble with not cutting enough and then cutting right though the backing sheet, very random cuts, also seams to be breaking tips off. I have sort of given up tryng to cut Vortex with the plotter but I have a job coming that I will need to cut a lot of the same shape windows. Have been using CleanCut blades. Any help will be very much appreciated Regards Olfaman
  11. He said it is a good film, so it must be good, right.