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  1. Looks like I got a storm coming Monday or Tuesday. I'll spend tomorrow taking in all the furniture in off the porches. Securing the boat. Looks like it's just going to be rain with a name but got to be prepared.
  2. ^^^^they are easier. But I don't sand anything. Heat at lower temp. Problem solved. Learned here on the forum from other member.
  3. I only had that issue on a 2019 Escalade using ATR film. Funny thing is I had no issues with the 2018 which is essentially the same vehicle. Swapped the film out to CTX. Proximity sensor worked. I've probably done a dozen 2021 Chevy Silverados with high performance film with no issues.
  4. Two things that I've learned since I've been in this business. Within 5 minutes of meeting another installer. 1 they'll tell me how fast they are. 2 how much money they make. Funny thing is generally neither is true.
  5. I did one for a long time customer the other day. No issues. Tons of room at the bottom of the windshield. Put three soak ropes down. Covered everything else up. No issues. Probably done it a dozen Model S's with no issues. Too much risk for me with the model 3s.
  6. I run a 25 degree angle blade. My Force setting on a new blade is around 13. Worn in a little it can run as high as 17 or 18. If you don't have a Nick in your tape underneath your film. It's most likely your blade holder. By 3 they suck anymore.
  7. Fabulous work Rick! Although I've gotten close a few times never been able to close the deal on that back window in one piece. Making the splices and using them pull on the film is genius. I'll be adding that to my toolbox. Thanks for sharing
  8. Not enough slip agent in your water. When you're putting the film on the glass and attempting to slide it into position you're making the marks. A friend of mine who uses global told me that it has a pretty aggressive adhesive. He's a pretty experienced installer I have no reason to doubt him. But I've never actually installed Global myself.
  9. I read on here on another thread to slow down on my shrinking. I ran the same heat on my gun but backed it off about 4 to 5 in from my normal distance. Then I steel wool 000 lines. 2 Challengers not one peanut. Somebody should tell my wife that an old dog can learn a new trick.
  10. Master computer board on the driver side under the switches got wet. Sorry to say got to be replaced.
  11. Confidence is built through experience. You need to be grinding out cars every day. My experience with people I've trained is it usually takes a couple of years to not struggle. I'm sure some can pick it up quicker. But on average two or three years.
  12. Apprenticed at a friend's shop for about 6 months. Got a job had a busy shop work there for about a year-and-a-half. Got hired by a good guy work for him for 18 years. Toward the end he encouraged me to go out on my own. Been doing my own thing for the last 20 years.
  13. Florida is known as deaths waiting room. I'm amongst my peoples!
  14. What booms said is spot-on. I started putting film on before shrinking. So I had to learn how to squeegee.
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