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  1. Confidence is built through experience. You need to be grinding out cars every day. My experience with people I've trained is it usually takes a couple of years to not struggle. I'm sure some can pick it up quicker. But on average two or three years.
  2. Apprenticed at a friend's shop for about 6 months. Got a job had a busy shop work there for about a year-and-a-half. Got hired by a good guy work for him for 18 years. Toward the end he encouraged me to go out on my own. Been doing my own thing for the last 20 years.
  3. Florida is known as deaths waiting room. I'm amongst my peoples!
  4. What booms said is spot-on. I started putting film on before shrinking. So I had to learn how to squeegee.
  5. first-time customer estimates have definitely dropped off. Referrals and repeats holding steady. Sales are still good.
  6. So during all of the covid-19 shut down my website views have went through the roof. Pre covid-19 my Views were fairly consistent. Averaging about 1,200 views per month. Last month being the peak 7400 views. Just got my current month report 5600 views. I wonder if the government's ending the $600 a week unemployment benefit is affecting spending. Hopefully this trend doesn't continue. But it has got me to thinking what the offseason is going to be like.
  7. Looks darker than 38. I'd be interested to know what type of film that is also? The back window isn't real curved so he shouldn't have had to it heat real hard. Interesting he burned it wet.
  8. My issue is I follow the science. A mask is essentially trying to stop a gnat with a chain link fence. The particle size is too small. The CDC released a years-long study in March on the effectiveness of a mask on influenza. Non effective. The government's current rules on masks are not masks at all but face coverings. Essentially useless. But politics got involved and then things changed. I'm not disputing the fact that the virus is dangerous. To a certain age demographic. And was certain pre-existing conditions. I personally avoid all high traffic areas. Deal with customers only outside. Limiting my contact. Treating it more like a Norovirus infection. I consider everything to be infected inside high traffic areas. Door knobs, countertops, pens. In a grocery store touch nothing other than what you're going to buy. Wash hands frequently with soap and water
  9. Masks Aren't Enough: Dr. Fauci Says People Should "Probably Use Eye Shields" To Protect Against COVID-19
  10. Max I couldn't let something like that slide. If he's incapable of doing a better job ask for a refund and to remove it.
  11. Tintdude I dig the way you think man! But in my experience most people are sheep.
  12. My wife's in the medical field. So I can give you Karen's something else to worry about. When you're wearing your face covering you're leaving something exposed giving you far more risk of infection. Your eyes.
  13. Technically we call those a zipper mark. Most likely the installer tried to Frankenstein it in. Should have back roll it. And to think I obsess over a speck of dust.
  14. Yeah we'll see how it goes. Good luck with your retirement!
  15. This being my 38th year installing film. The thought of retirement does it really excite me. 56 years old and I still love what I do. My new goal I think is the try to make it to 50 years installing film. If I can make it twelve more healthy years. Last year in a discussion with my wife she told me why don't I just slow down. Go to 5 days a week. I agreed! That was over a year ago. Still working 6 days a week. I love my work. This Saturday I'll do a 38 aquilia in the morning. Doing new 2019 Blazer on my way home.lol