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  1. Yeah we'll see how it goes. Good luck with your retirement!
  2. This being my 38th year installing film. The thought of retirement does it really excite me. 56 years old and I still love what I do. My new goal I think is the try to make it to 50 years installing film. If I can make it twelve more healthy years. Last year in a discussion with my wife she told me why don't I just slow down. Go to 5 days a week. I agreed! That was over a year ago. Still working 6 days a week. I love my work. This Saturday I'll do a 38 aquilia in the morning. Doing new 2019 Blazer on my way home.lol
  3. As others have said reverse role is key. Especially in a mobile environment. High top Sprinter van or Ford Transit. Peel Board mounted to the wall inside the van.
  4. I bought a Q series from signwarehouse years ago. Never an issue with it.
  5. If you're going to set up as a corporation you must have your quarterly meeting minutes. This will be the first thing requested by an attorney in a lawsuit against you. You don't have the minutes it's called puncturing The Veil. Your Corp won't do anything to protect you.
  6. Yeah that mentality is part of the problem. Your not the only Tinter I've heard say that. This industry needs some kind of unity, I'm glad ceramic came around. Also if you tint out of your garage your not a professional. If you think my works equal in value to someone just entering the business you are mistaken.
  7. I honestly don't care what anyone else charges. You can get your car painted at cheapo place for $299 or go to a custom paint shop and pay $10,000. Not the same end product.
  8. Solarfx sent me a sample a few months back. Still haven't had a chance to use it. Flex film sent me a sample of their cir when it first came out. I put it on my tundra. Still looks good. But I have a rule of wait and see over time. I've been burned before.
  9. 4 newer cars come to mind that are far easier with panel pulled. Charger,300, accord and front doors on corrolla.
  10. It's interesting to read how others tint. I only shrink a few. BMW 2dr,mustang,corvette, lexus 4dr. But I pull all sweeps or pull panel.
  11. If sweeps don't come right out. I pull panels. Speaking of Mercedes what about the suv rear door with the torque screw under the speaker. Germans
  12. One of my customers was lured away by high tech nonsense spewed on here constantly. When I asked if felt any cooler he said no. But he felt a lot poorer. Now he's back to high performance film.
  13. It is my opinion also on the cause of it. But I have no definite proof of which or both. 10 years ago or so this was a non issue.
  14. It can be seen at an angle in the sun every place the blade touchs. Certain car brands are more susceptible to marking than others. Audi and BMW are a couple. which happen to be the most popular brands I work on. One my friends in the business actually has a quarter window from a car mounted on the wall to display the marking. It is not a scratch and cannot be felt. But obviously can be seen. You seem to agree ryker because you put a piece of plastic under the blade tip. Most dont.