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  1. EW. I don't understand why a job like that can't wait until warmer weather. Often, though, single pane means old and old means dirty and other problems so it may have been a nightmare.
  2. It's hard to tell what some things are in the pictures but I'm confident the installation wouldn't be up to my standards. The white bits of contamination are big and very noticeable and there are puckers on the lines too.
  3. It may be different here in my area, but I do 99.9% of my appointments by phone and email because I do all work alone and by appointment from home. I don't have anyone here when I'm gone on errands, flat glass jobs, etc. so if they show up unannounced, many times there's nobody here. I only do 0 to a few cars a week, however, because I much prefer flat glass film so my situation is different but I rely on my website, reputation and google reviews to earn trust from first time customers. If you need to tint a lot of cars then you may need a way to be accessible to people much more than I am. Having said all that, If you want to make a good living tinting cars, NEVER just give a price when someone asks for it. Try to find a way to create your own style with people on the phone. Get them to relate to you by asking questions, showing them you care about them and their vehicle, use a little humor, explain what sets you apart, etc. One thing I tell people a lot is that I work alone, and spend more time on a car than many busier, cheaper shops do. Also, don't compete on price, compete on quality. Doing less work for more money is way smarter than more work for less money.
  4. If you turn out that much work, Why do you want someone else involved? If it's to lessen your own work load then I'd understand but if it's just to increase volume I think that since you're making bank with that kind of volume why bring in someone else to share profits with? Raise your prices, do less work and make the same/more money. Also if you don't already... try upselling ceramic film for maximum profits.
  5. Work like this should never be done by the square foot. It should be done per pane, I'd say 5 bucks per for this job!
  6. A big reason that any absorptive film (Including plain old dyed film) reduces heat in a car is because when the car is moving, convection is increased, pulling the heat away from the car rather than into it. It's also the reason why film generally performs lower on dual pane windows than on single pane windows.