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  1. Man all I gotta say is, god bless you. You seem to be very patient through all this. And just know we arent all like that.
  2. What an ugly way for Nissan to take care of that. Why not affix the sensor to the glass, like most other manufacturers. That factory tint is hideous
  3. I'd call 10-15 cars a bit conservative haha
  4. Man I'm glad I haven't had one of those in the shop. I heard they really suck. The new ones are simple
  5. I know I'm a bit late. But I hope you are doing better. I have a close friend and a family member who both lost a child. My friend lights paper balloons every year in remembrance. Maybe something to think about. Hundreds of people take part in this, and it's helped tremendously for them. Small Iowa town of 7k people. I truly am sorry for your loss. I have no children so I can't even start to imagine how this has impacted you.
  6. You can pull the seals super easy. Just carefully pull back the top of the panel. I grab the back edge of the seals with a hook tool and pull them out. I use the pressure of the panel on the clips to keep them attached to the door, be very careful because they could fall into the door.
  7. Depending on the year. The lower seal has no felt.
  8. How is that pink tri edge? They sent an advertisement for them when I got some new tools today. I use the blue because it doesn't scratch the film so easy.
  9. I was so pissed when I saw that thing, and I don't know how to get it out. Luckily I got the film slid under.
  10. Super easy. Pull them seals, just be sure to watch out for those metal clips. They will fall inside the door.
  11. The film inside is made from the same material?
  12. I honestly don't even measure out my shampoo. I adjust it accordingly, by accordingly I mean temp, install method (top loading, etc.) And if there's any type of hydrophobic coating on the glass. You'll get the feel for it, some people like it tacky and some like it sliding all over. Give j and j a shot, I actually use the target brand.