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  1. So... hopefully you passed it on since I went mia... Apologies. Honestly just read this message.
  2. I use a Lil chizzler or two. Put them in the back part of the gasket when I pull the car in by the time I'm done installing everything else the gasket is open enough to get my ez-reach in to push water out. I also use a little extra slip to get it in and look good. Or you can cut a little off the back side gasket.
  3. From my personal experience with suntek you can expect scratching. Don't give the film the stink eye or it'll scratch it. On a serious side, you really can expect it to scratch super easy. Don't use as much heat on shrinking either. It shrinks really fast and if you use the heat like you do with solar fx it will just burn. That's just my experience though. Good luck!
  4. Thanks Stan, eventually I'll get the rest .... .... One way or another lol
  5. Any tips for the Porsche Targa (2017) tomorrow? Looked at one today.... That back glass has me a little spooked. Anything like the C6 (either version) ... Trying to get an idea of what to expect.
  6. Yup, makes it hard to get full days with all this rain.... And snow.... Snow.... I said it, snow
  7. Porsche Targa done 20% ultra fx lmao He changed his mind and brought this today, Porsche Saturday.
  8. feeling that ultra Fx in 20% now, waiting for him to bring his Porsche