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  1. So... hopefully you passed it on since I went mia... Apologies. Honestly just read this message.
  2. I use a Lil chizzler or two. Put them in the back part of the gasket when I pull the car in by the time I'm done installing everything else the gasket is open enough to get my ez-reach in to push water out. I also use a little extra slip to get it in and look good. Or you can cut a little off the back side gasket.
  3. From my personal experience with suntek you can expect scratching. Don't give the film the stink eye or it'll scratch it. On a serious side, you really can expect it to scratch super easy. Don't use as much heat on shrinking either. It shrinks really fast and if you use the heat like you do with solar fx it will just burn. That's just my experience though. Good luck!
  4. Thanks Stan, eventually I'll get the rest .... .... One way or another lol
  5. Any tips for the Porsche Targa (2017) tomorrow? Looked at one today.... That back glass has me a little spooked. Anything like the C6 (either version) ... Trying to get an idea of what to expect.
  6. Yup, makes it hard to get full days with all this rain.... And snow.... Snow.... I said it, snow
  7. Porsche Targa done 20% ultra fx lmao He changed his mind and brought this today, Porsche Saturday.
  8. feeling that ultra Fx in 20% now, waiting for him to bring his Porsche
  9. Need these dvds. Something to watch after pushing out 5 cars today.
  10. Start off the day with an old CRV Honda. Next up was another Altima (must be giving them away somewhere). Then the fun began. Another Altima called I allotted him time. He called back 10 min later and cancels. During that 10 min another call I scheduled Monday, she wanted today. So I call her back and have her come in. An hour goes by and she calls to request Monday again. Okay I'm ready to leave. One pulls in and wants to know the earliest I can do it. I open back up and pull it in. Installing the driver window. I realize it's not going back up, he walks in and says "oh sorry that ones broke, can I change the percent?" I think you were right the 5% is really dark. " I can but you'll have to pay for this one still. ... But you didn't put it in..... I still custom formed it to this car. We don't get many you being the second in my years here. The film and work are already in. I'll tell you what. I'll take half off because that's half the work. "Okay cool, can we try 10%?" I know he understood the Wtf face.... Would 20% be better? Yeah, let's do 20%. (Explained to him that after he got the window fixed I'd put the film in and why it needed to be fixed, it's 5:30, we close at 6... ) final window installed. Pull it out and go over every thing with him about care. "Can I still get it washed?" The wash manager walks over and says we closed at 6 it's all shut down. Oh, well it's all dirty now, covered it soap, finger prints every where.... We will do it tomorrow if you'd like, we open at 9am. "Can I talk to your manager, this ain't right, yinz don't do me dirty like that. Long story over I just finished hand washing it at 7 ..... Next bmw wagon, I quit... But I still want those DVDs.
  11. Ready for tomorrow. Another day of nothing. The sun shining all day was nude though