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  1. Your location will determine if you will be busy within your first years. As a established installer/shop we can be located anywhere but as a new shop you want to be in a perfect location. I recommend opening next to dealerships or around other automotive business. Business bring in business especially if they are related. This will get you from 0-60 faster. Walk into dealerships and see if they already using someone or automotive service shop too. One of my locations is next to a dealership and they have tint in-house but we are still busy from them. Some clients don’t want to be over charge, they want good brand/quality, the dealerships send us overflow, the dealerships send us work when their installer is no show or sick....ect... hope this help!!!! Also go to www.maopodstation.com to see all the kool equipment I make for this industry!!!
  2. You got a backglass that will make a newbie installer cry and wish he didn’t take that car because his skill level wasn’t there yet. You also got felt that Need to be tape Up to have a quality install. We charge $50-$100 more due to the extra prep work for that model. My team are highly skill in doing that car and we do it in 1 - 1 1/2 hr. You are paying for all the years it took us to be able to do it that vehicle/tint efficiency and properly = Experience. Pick a shop that you trust not how cheap they charge. A more expensive shop is usually the right choice but not always true!!!! Some shop are more expensive due to them subbing it out.
  3. That logo is hard to come off...we use paper towel and 91% ipa and it come off easier.
  4. 3M Ceramic IR shrink like butter...no special technique is needed to shape this film. You can not buy a precut kit and if you did....it is not 3M window film.
  5. Midtown Houston

    Midtown Houston

  6. Wow....I am in Love 😍. That look amazing
  7. Get these...they are the best...I bought 12 of them for myself and team because they are so good. Mike make it and his website is
  8. dammit....The new model 3 back glass now have thicker defroster line like dodge charger....It is on and off but so far over 20.....I even got call from other installer saying the same thing. So we wet sand one with 2000 grit sand paper and it scratch the glass but you can barely notice it. I change the sand paper to a 3M trizact and it work....No more peanuts.. We got 900 tesla delivery to Houston and my shop receiver a little over a hundred of them this month....SO GUYS FEEL THE DEFROSTER WITH YOUR HAND AND IF IT IS NOT RIGHT WET SAND IT WITH TRIZACT 2000-3000
  9. This film will turn a 20-30 year skill installer into an amateur.....I seen a 65 year old man that been doing this for over 40 years shake scare when it didn't work out....
  10. You are a brave man.....I been approve for another floor to do dual cloud 4-6k sq ft and they want to also add this to 4 more office on the other floor. I told my partner we not bidding or doing this film no more. He still want to give it a shot and I shot it down. I rather lose this 100k job then to do it again and make very little profit due to casper film. Long story short....They accepted the bid for the dual cloud without the casper.....Some lucky soul got the casper job. I wish whom ever it is good luck!!!! Everyone have been warn to stay away from this film!!!
  11. I can only give you one advice from me "built the relationship and the job is your" Tom sum it all up....I rarely bid on a job and when I do ....I win it all due to a relationship. Hell I was the 2nd highest bidder out of 6 bidder of a big job...I got it due to the relationship and he show me everyone bid. I was the lowest bidder after seeing the bid due to the other 4 guy forgot to includes some glass that was located back in the kitchen. After sitting down with him and explaining that, he trusted me enough to give me a 50% deposit.
  12. I highly recommend not doing the job...took on it 3x and didn’t learn my lesson...it will be the worst day of your life I promise you. The film is all scratched up when you receive it and you will scratch it more when installing it. There no scratch coat so from there you will get bitch at...It was my worst nightmare but had no choice to do it for 6k sq fr of dual cloud...lost on it but won on the dual cloud...next time I will pass on the job...I have talk to everyone that done it and no one ...NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE HAD ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY OR ANY TIPS AND TRICK ON THE FILM.
  13. Yes EV....we modified the front bumper pattern to hide the seam...it was trial and error but it ended up good. It was a good learn experience and put us in check. Will be taking on more Supra but will also charge accordingly when it come to this car!!!!
  14. This car is not for any intermediate installer...Car is very tricky and hood and bumper will kick your ass. The bumper is seam in so many places that client was not happy so we customized it to hide all the seam in the back. Client is also on the Supra forum so they are very educated on what is a quality install supposed to look like....Take your time and buy some time when this car come in is my advice.
  15. We have 3 retail location that does tint and 4 sign shop that give us lead for vehicle and commercial job. We also take care of 2 dealership but only for Crystalline and a few other high end service. We are very spoil with retail money and the profit that come with it. I am a firm believer of brick and mortar shop at a nice side of town.