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  1. 8 hours ago, DynamicATL said:


    Yes, we love the Ceramic IR.  It has the same feel as Obsidian and CS but it shrinks like a regular dyed film.  Obsidian shrinks like CS which is the main reason we didn't go with it as our entry level...just took more time.  The only thing that sucks about the CIR is the 3M logos do not easily come off like it does on the other lines.

    That logo is hard to come off...we use paper towel and 91% ipa and it come off easier.

  2. On 1/13/2020 at 7:32 PM, TinterforLife said:

    I have to give props to Midtown Houston...mine are his idea I just did my own version because I already had the glass. I did a small and large for what I had and love them.






    Wow....I am in Love 😍. That look amazing 

  3. dammit....The new model 3 back glass now have thicker defroster line like dodge charger....It is on and off but so far over 20.....I even got call from other installer saying the same thing.


    So we wet sand one with 2000 grit sand paper and it scratch the glass but you can barely notice it.  I change the sand paper to a 3M trizact and it work....No more peanuts..


    We got 900 tesla delivery to Houston and my shop receiver a little over a hundred of them this month....SO GUYS FEEL THE DEFROSTER WITH YOUR HAND AND IF IT IS NOT RIGHT WET SAND IT WITH TRIZACT 2000-3000

  4. 20 hours ago, MikeMN said:

    Well I got the job done,this was the least favorite job I have Ever done to say the least. Now they want 10 more installed. the first job was 34.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             What I have found installing this film is that the amount of slip that they recommended will not work on all types of glass, as you all know film will react differently on different glass, as far as sticking faster. I ended up using more slip on this glass, it was 1/2" then laminate and then 1/4" because the rooms were conference rooms so I imagine the glass used was for noise cancellation. I also used some llumar cdf film slightly larger than the film installed for an overlay so not to scratch the non hard coat Casper film while installing, this film scratches by almost just looking at it,if a hard coat was used on this film it would not work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        As far as pre-cutting this film,I cut all of the film on a glass table and made several passes with a new olfa blade with very little pressure till i cut through the film to get a decent edge. rolled the film up with the liner side out with a min 3" diameter.  Sure wish I could post some pics of the job, however when i try and post pics on here it says the file is too large.                                                                                                                                         

    You are a brave man.....I been approve for another floor to do dual cloud 4-6k sq ft and they want to also add this to 4 more office on the other floor.  I told my partner we not bidding or doing this film no more.  He still want to give it a shot and I shot it down.  I rather lose this 100k job then to do it again and make very little profit due to casper film.  


    Long story short....They accepted the bid for the dual cloud without the casper.....Some lucky soul got the casper job.  I wish whom ever it is good luck!!!! Everyone have been warn to stay away from this film!!!

  5. I can only give you one advice from me "built the relationship and the job is your" 

    Tom sum it all up....I rarely bid on a job and when I do ....I win it all due to a relationship.


    Hell I was the 2nd highest bidder out of 6 bidder of a big job...I got it due to the relationship and he show me everyone bid.  I was the lowest bidder after seeing the bid due to the other 4 guy forgot to includes some glass that was located back in the kitchen.  After sitting down with him and explaining that, he trusted me enough to give me a 50% deposit.

  6. I highly recommend not doing the job...took on it 3x and didn’t learn my lesson...it will be the worst day of your life I promise you. The film is all scratched up when you receive it and you will scratch it more when installing it. There no scratch coat so from there you will get bitch at...It was my worst nightmare but had no choice to do it for 6k sq fr of dual cloud...lost on it but won on the dual cloud...next time I will pass on the job...I have talk to everyone that done it and no one ...NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE HAD ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY OR ANY TIPS AND TRICK ON THE FILM.






  7. 34 minutes ago, BigRuski said:

    Ah I think you text messaged me about this. Looks like it went well. It definitely is a pain in the ass of a car to do. Did you put the seams where I did in the vents at the side?. Your first one you definitely learn all the mistakes where you can do things a bit different. It's all imagination.  I am sorry I couldn't help much I am so overloaded with work right now. I don't even have time to remember to eat and it's Winter here. I am wrapping a full 488 Pista right now

    Yes EV....we modified the front bumper pattern to hide the seam...it was trial and error but it ended up good. It was a good learn experience and put us in check.  Will be taking on more Supra but will also charge accordingly when it come to this car!!!!

  8. This car is not for any intermediate installer...Car is very tricky and hood and bumper will kick your ass. The bumper is seam in so many places that client was not happy so we customized it to hide all the seam in the back. Client is also on the Supra forum so they are very educated on what is a quality install supposed to look like....Take your time and buy some time when this car come in is my advice.

























  9. We have 3 retail location that does tint and 4 sign shop that give us lead for vehicle and commercial job.  We also take care of 2 dealership but only for Crystalline and a few other high end service. We are very spoil with retail money and the profit that come with it.  I am a firm believer of brick and mortar shop at a nice side of town.




  10. 1 hour ago, Gary_tintington said:

    Have any of you guys metered this film after install?  My rep swears up and down that the 25% meters at 25%vlt after install.

    We use the 25% and it meter at 26%.  We had stock the 35% of it is too light so got a sample of the 25% and it was the perfect color. Been using the 25% for 2 months now and love it...

  11. 4 minutes ago, DynamicATL said:


    What do you tell Tesla Model 3 customers before taking the job?  Like warning them about the possibilities of breakage after they leave due to a design flaw.

    Never had a problem...once in a blue moon ...we will see a crack edge and tell client before we start. We have had one sunroof crack due to being install too closed to body/glass ...week later after tint but Tesla replace it on warranty and we just retint it on the house after....

  12. We bought a new glass and it got crack all over it just from us putting heat On it to shape it....It will break !!!! The glass is so thin and big that the heat will stress the glass and crack... We do over 20 Tesla Model 3 a week and can’t afford breaking any glass and ruin our reparation. Having the glass is our insurance....we also use it to leverage us as a shop!!!! 

  13. On 11/4/2019 at 9:42 AM, DynamicATL said:

    I've been looking around to buy a rear glass so we can shrink on it versus the actual vehicle.  However, it has been very hard to get a hold of one.  Apparently there are no aftermarket models, so getting one through a glass company has been impossible.  Safelite charges $790 for the glass installed but won't let us just pick up the glass even if we pay the full price.  Lastly, we tried the local Tesla dealer and their parts department is basically a voicemail system and seems not to call you back...been a week with no calls.  There is one on eBay for like $1200 shipped that was pulled from a car, but I would rather have a new one plus Tesla model 3 owners state the glass is $450 from Tesla.  Anyone out there got the hookup?  LOL  @Midtown Houston 

    Man...Saw this post too late...been at SEMA this whole week.  Glad you got the glass but if you didn’t...I would steer you in the right direction to get it!!!

  14. 4 hours ago, ErieTint said:



    I don't think @Midtown Houston is out of line. I also agree with @florida tinter with what that training could ultimately set you up for.


    But, as @highplains is saying, what are the chances of you retaining all of that information in a two week period? Install, sales and general business training. That's a crash course at best time line wise.


    I would like to see someone offer a more industry focused business training program. Something more geared toward our industry. That would be valuable to me. I'm a firm believer that the best way to gain speed and quality on your installs, within reason, is repetition. The business side however, you could make some small adjustments that could turn into huge profits and never "stumble across" them no matter how long you're in business.

    I’m old school...I can teach you to tint efficiency and teach you on almost every style...as far as business goes...I built a million dollar business but I did it in time which mean it took me over 8yrs for my business to gross over a million a year in sale...I Used up alot of my time learning because there was rarely anyone to teach me and made many mistakes...looking back, I wish someone was there to teach me all the tips and tricks...but I had to learn it the hard way.....I don’t just teach anyone, in-fact I turn alot of guys down due to being new, mobile, not being properly equipped....

  15. On 9/27/2019 at 8:58 PM, Tint Eastwood said:

    Maybe I’m out on a limb here but......20k? C’mon man, that’s some BS and you know it. :twocents 

    It is BS if you already know how to tint and went thru the expensive mistakes of doing so......I totally understand the 20k is a sticker shocker but I can make any shop very efficient and productive. I have visit many shop and seen hundreds of film installer....trust me less than 10% of shop/installer are doing it right. If you visit our facility and see my team work...you might say...I been doing it all wrong all these dam years!!!!

  16. 5 hours ago, Superior shield said:

    I just ordered a roll from the bray group and i am really wishing i didnt, put it on a piece of glass to test dropped a few pebbles from standing and every single pebble put a hole in the film causing a bubble. I threw a small pebble overhand at it went throught the film and chipped the glass. Absolutely garbage! Anyone else hqve this issue with bray? Of course when i tell them my results they respond with well it does work. Smh 

    We all warn you!!!! None of them last.....Period...

  17. 14 days training and 20k...You will tint like a pro when I am done with you!!!! Before you say that too expensive....No one in this country that can train you to tint in 2-4 days...it is all basic stuff and hopefully you got the common sense to learn the rest...your failure rate is 90% and you will make very expensive mistakes and you will make these mistakes for years...Not with me...also you will make money after I train you !!!!! And not stuck doing friends and family car for free until you learn....

  18. 8 hours ago, highplains said:

    How's the color and clarity on it? I've been pestering my rep for months and haven't been able to get much information out of them yet beyond "it's coming."

    It match oem privacy glass and shrink like normal film...