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  1. tell you want to be paid by flag hour.....like 3 hrs for a 4 door car, 2.5 hr for 2 door car, 2 hrs for a truck, 4hr for suv.... Each hour at $28 buck.... That way...if you do a car in 1 hrs ....you get 3 flag hour which equal to $84. This will work for both party because you will tint more car. They do this for their body and mechanic guy. Charge 7 flag hour for a brake job that take them 1 hr.
  2. Midtown Houston

    640i 2015

    Very easy car...frameless window It will be a walk in the park for you
  3. 3M it Baby ......The only film I would put on my vehicle...even if I wasn’t in the business
  4. Why be on the fence...it is only $45-$60 buck...best investment us window film installer can make
  5. Most likely it use to have tint...and there are some adhesive still in the pores of the glass...take 91% alcohol and steel wool and clean the shit out of it should work..
  6. It take many yrs of experience to get this right....till this day I hit myself in the head and be like fuuucckk... Just made a mistake on a job and quote a tech film Casper (18k just for this film) for cost and got the job....come to find out, I broke even on it... but made $5 per sq ft on 4800 sq ft. on deco film. so I got lucky to win the job on making nothing on a small part of the job...
  7. We remove everything we can and bulk most of everything...It is easier and faster...do most fender, hood, door ect.... in 5 min, let it sit for 30 min and wrap edge.We also remove all pdc and heahlamp washer and most of everything on all bumper cut out....this save us a hour on installed.. We can do 4 full Front a day with 2 guys on most vehicle.
  8. I own alot of equipments and tools throughout all my years of working on car..Anything to make me faster and more efficient..This light is probably the best made so far to do cut out after shrinking back glass and windshield. For $45-$60 buck, it is a steal. This new equipment/tool make me say “why didn’t think of that.”
  9. Mercedes AMG GTS getting our complete protection package. 3M Crystalline heat protection film | 3M Pro Series 4 paint protection film | Ceramic Pro Gold Package “We are always training and learning with your high standards in mind” ——————————————————— - Detailing @midtownmotortrends - Nanoskin surface contamination removal - 3M Crystalline 40 on side and back glass - 3M Crystalline 70 on front windshield - 3M Pro Series 4 on full front - 3M Pro Series 4 on doors and rocker panels - Ceramic Pro Gold Package - Ceramic Pro Wheels And Calipers Detail - Ceramic Pro Interior Leather
  10. 4-6 week until shipping for the first 50 unit...
  11. Huper Ceramic 40 have a silver look. Ceramic 30, 20, & 5 percent look more silver.
  12. I can tell by look at it because we used to install it...take a btu unit and measure it...
  13. This one will be way more affordable then the other one. Same design and concept....one button will light up all 3 bulb and turn off when release like our last one...
  14. That is a kool design...I usually see and really round cut but this dude said fuck it...im gonna make a new shape...😂
  15. After more than a decade of building, buying, and collecting heat lamp displays… this is the BEST one. It is 32”x 24” made from aluminum composite and wall mounted. The graphics serve as an informative and heat display all in one which helps us spend less time explaining and selling to customers. It is very user friendly, the film will sell itself! We have hundreds of customers that walk up to this box and choose our infrared window film over any other because of this display. The graphics and the box are custom designed by us in-house. Since we are a window film company we are more knowledgeable at designing what graphics and displays will work or not for the window film consumer. We have been working on this new affordable box for 6 months and this is our 3rd and FINAL prototype. For the first 50 orders we will be offering this box for $300 + $50 shipping. After the first 50 orders, heat boxes will be $375 + shipping. You will get your money back from the extra profit this box will make you in a days. What’s Included: • (1) 32” x 24” Heat Box Display • (3) 5” x 5” 1/8” Thickness Glass • (3) Infrared Bulbs Email me at NorngLLC@gmail.com if you are interested. Wholesale inquiries are welcomed!
  16. Monster One of the hardest vehicles to install window film but we make it look easy. Houston’s only source for 3M Crystalline Window Films. - Energy Efficient Window Film ✔️ Inhouse Installed ✔️ Lifetime Warranty ✔️ 3M Crystalline 20 on Front 2 Windows ✔️ 3M Crystalline 40 on Side and Back Glass “We are always training and learning with your high standards in mind” ——————————————————— AFS Detail | 3M Tint | Paint Protection | Wraps Certified in 3M Crystalline, 3M Pro Series, Xpel, Ceramic Pro 9H, Elite Wrapper 📬autofilmspecialists@gmail.com ☎️(713) 242-1115
  17. I used to not remove door panel on this model due to scare of breaking it...I will sit there for 5-15 min per window fixing creases and sometimes have to retint it. Removing all of this will make this model cake....
  18. Make sense.. I ment to say...My company will sell it to customer that track their vehicle.
  19. I hate to let everyone know the truth...I spent time in the lab with many film. All film contain dyed....You can argue all you want, but it is 100% true. I would get deep into it but this will get bought up again.
  20. They all will not last if it rain or snow alot...I have try them all...3 month max for Bray, clear plex and exp skin in Houston. Gave refund to almost all customer...they will sell to customer that track their vehicle.
  21. This vehicle is not for beginner....so do not try it. Take about 25-30 min to remove everything needed to tint this Wagon and another 25-30 min to put it back together.....There go a hour so charge accordingly. You will not be able to tint this vehicle without removing the sweep. This G Wagon is a Monster....If I keep working this hard, maybe I can own one. Follow us on instagram @autofilmspecialists and @midtownmotortrends to see detail of our work. 1. Remove blk screw on top of door pin 2. unscrew the door pin and push down on it to lock position 3. remove torque screw on door holder (what ever this thing is call....hand/arm rest) 4. pop panel back to reveal 5 phillip chrome screw and unscrew them. 5. remove sweep Back Glass. 1. pop top center panel back 2. remove 3rd bake light screw (4 total screw) Rear Quater: 1.....this is easy....just remove gasket with your hand.... Last step: Drink a Heineken and thank me for making your life easier Today.
  22. I either push it down more or just remove it and put it back in when finished. Sometime it is 1/4" below and sometime it is right at the line.....I shrink with the sunroof open and done in 2-3 min standing on the seat.
  23. Removal of door panel on this new model added to Volvo. There are 5 screw. 4 are expose and 1 hidden beside door handle. DO NO PULL ON THE DOOR. When all screw are remove, pull up like a Ford F series. Very easy suv to tint when all of this is remove. It only take about 1-2 min per panel for removal.