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  1. Just curious, are you absolutely sure it’s adhesive or is it possible the film separated leaving a thin layer of film? Sometimes happens on older tint. If this is the case then I’ve had luck tinting the back glass, letting it dry, then use a steamer and slowly peel it off. If it truly is just really stubborn adhesive then this obviously wouldn’t work.
  2. Would have loved to see you in action, I’d imagine you looked something like this
  3. Think there were 5 or 6 big boxes. Of course the instructions it came with made it more confusing than it should have been at times. Kids are happy with it now. Still gets a lot of use.
  4. Haha it’s all good. I know Alabama was disappointed that they just missed out on going to the championship game that year. Can’t blame them really for overlooking lil ol Utah in the sugar bowl. Yeah it was a rip off. Not too big but it’s amazing how many bolts went into that thing
  5. that about sums it up! The important thing to take away from all this is that the utes put the beat down on Alabama the last time they met up on the football field
  6. Lucky you! I bought lifetime play set last year. They wanted an extra $400 to set it up. So of course I said screw that I’ll do it myself. Well after many hours and a few choice words I finally finished it! Excellent investment for the kids.
  7. Hey I think I remember you. Another fellow Utahn. You know what I’m talking about then with the multiple wives Since everyone outside of here thinks that’s the case
  8. Things are going pretty well here for me and my 6 wives
  9. Happy for you bro, looks like things are going well for you.
  10. Hey TD, it’s been awhile! Hope all is well. Hey Eastwood, good to see you still strutting around these parts. Any of you tinted a Jeep gladiator yet? I did one today and even with my blurry vision those things are still ugly as hell
  11. Basically shave of the top layer of your lens then reshape your cornea. Recovery takes longer then when they make a flap with regular lasik, but long term it’s better. If you’re in the military it’s the route they have you take. My lens wasnt thick enough for lasik so I didn’t have much of a choice.
  12. Hey guys, hope you are all doing well! I’m still tinting away. Had prk laser surgery last week on my eyes and everything is still a bit blurry. So the next few poorly tinted cars posted here were probably tinted by me
  13. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you and your family’s are doing well!
  14. I’m good man, staying busy! Wife is just about to finish up her first year of school and we are trying to keep our sanity with three boys running around the house. Hope your family and business are doing well!
  15. Hey guys and gals! Hope you are all doing well. It’s been awhile since I’ve stopped by. Good to see some familiar people still hanging around. @Bham sorry about your cats bro
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