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  1. Hey guys I need a quick hand on how to price a residential Job is it by sq. Foot or by window and a price range for labor. For many years I have only done Automotive. But on this I have no Idea . All your help is much appreciated. Thanks
  2. it is hard to believe that this happen with the heat gun I did one of those last week and I had to heat the film quite a bit since this glass has a very funny curvature. there has to be a better explanation other than a problem with heating the glass . I agree that this was a problem prior taking it to you.
  3. Stant Foster is one of the veteran tinter that travels the word training people I don't know if he still does , but he had a training course available to buy on his web site. I myself learned the hard way watching you tube practicing an wasting roll after roll express window films can offer a wide range of window film from very cheap to practice to top quality film also if you call them they are very friendly an helpful. for the temperature of installation when it is too cold the film takes a lot longer to dry and it can peel off the window that is why on that kind of cold climate some tinters use heat lamps on the outside of the car to help it set a little bit .you may want to watch this vid. that shows the heat lamp.
  4. besides contamination it could be contamination on the water itself I had this same problem long ago regardless on how well I tried to clean the glass. now days I only use filtered water.
  5. I did some thing like that except that my set up is taped on to a strip of foamy cardboard to give it some rigidity . over all in my opinion LED light is the best option not only it can flex as needed but the danger of burning the interior of a car is gone.
  6. I learned on you tube asking here on the forum wasting a lot of film but mostly like everything practice . I did many cars just for the cost of materials. It would take me all day to do one car. just ask when you encounter a problem. and a 100% express film. since I started tinting including my own car almost 9 years ago the film I installed looks like the fist day I did it. I started with classic black and currently using QDP films.
  7. express window tint is your best bet they are very professional and helpful, with their materials advise and the help of the forum you'll be able to do it.
  8. Saul


    I was wondering if there is a way to get the patterns for a plotter as needed, with out having to pay a monthly fee to a company and or some kind of membership . thanks.
  9. People may think many different ways But for me Global QDP is the best. In the four years I have being tinting not one come back with fading or material bubbling. plus the great customer service I get from Express Window Films.
  10. NiRoll light is great concept this is really the answer for easy cutting back windows although it needs a little more developing , with time this could become industry standard.
  11. Thanks for the info I Agree on the plotter brand my question is the size of the machine 42" , 52" or 60" what would be best.
  12. Saul


    I'll be buying a plotter in the near future I just don't know which size Will be the best.
  13. It sims like this is a very complicated glass
  14. You are absolutely right. Sometimes I just get overconfident an forget to remind my clients some of the important points above like the contamination part have a great day.
  15. You got that right and most of the tricks I know where shared by very kind people on this forum in reality I'm not that new . normally most people drive regular cars at least on my area toyotas hondas etc. Have great Friday.