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  1. Never do it as it is illegal and jeopardises our car tinting business.
  2. I pick up one next week as my own personal daily driver.
  3. Induction courses are quite lengthy and you'll have to have often more than one. Also public liability insurance policies up to at least a $20,000,000 cover are required, workcover insurance as they won't even let you on site and possibly you'll have to join a union as well. Be prepared to spend some expensive dollars if you are going to get serious with window tinting. Devil
  4. What you have failed to recognise is that when a customer comes in and wants perfection, that's your red flag......never take the job on for any money. Devil
  5. Goodonya Tom....If you can imagine the biggest football stadium car park you've got in the USA, then I've probably tinted every one of them in a 42 year period. Unusual things? Hmmm.....a tram and it got pulled the next day because the workers' union didn't like the promo for the company I did it for. Sex trade massage parlour.
  6. Sounds like a dodgey film manufacturer....learn this .....if you are going to be serious in this business, dont buy no name crap. Devil
  7. What happened to the guy who was distributing this brand from a small country town in Victoria? Devil
  8. This is crazy....back in March 1978 (39 years ago) I was getting $145 trade for a vehicle.....found some purchase orders recently when doing a clean out. Our dollars are similar today from US to Oz so work out the direction this industry is going to..... Devil
  9. More the reason to be super selective in what you film these days.
  10. What you have to be super careful of is the rear door trims. Pulling them away from the internal weather seal can prove to be fatal for the door trim because the plastic its made out of super flimsey crap,cheap and can split length ways. There are 4 green plugs that attach the door trim to the body at the top about 40mm below where the strip sits and these are very tight. They are on all doors.
  11. About a month ago I had a first....tinted a Mazda CX-9, did everything perfect, went to open one of the rear doors, (trims were off) and it wouldn't open. WTF? Had to concede in the end and take it to Mazda where they couldn't open it either. Outcome....they had to keep it overnight, ordered a new lock which they had to smash out, and I had to advise the customer he wasn't getting his car back that night. Fortunately they covered the lock under warranty ($500) and saved the day.
  12. OMG it must be cold there....I couldn't imagine that happening as my son owns one too. Darn hot downunder with amazing 30C days on end with no let up and this is Autumn.