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  1. Are you saying you wouldn't install PPF on your own car? If yes, would you mind sharing the reasons on here? No problem if you don't, I understand if you do not want to say anything negative. I'm just curious to know why? Cheers Correct. I can answer without giving into negativity as to why. At 60 years of age I am a tight wad! And for me, PPF is much like window film in that it needs be replaced every 3-5 years in order to maintain its peek performance and appearance. If you live in a hostile climate change it in three years, if you live in a less non hostile climate, every 5 years (IMO hostile climate = high concentration of hot, humid, hydrocarbons exposure, dirt, salt, or bugs). I simply would not want to endure the cost of R&R. This is the main reason why I choose XPEL, I am working at China Lake, so I believe my location is hostile enough because it is close to Death Valley and XPEL has self healing feather. I drive to the Bay Area every other Month, and I have 4000 miles on my car already but I don't get any chip on my bumper and hood.
  2. Installer is responsible for quality installation and I believe most installers have experience on installing films, but installer is not responsible for film quality. I don't know the warranty on 3M film, I choose XPEL on my car because it has 10 years warranty against cracks, yellowing if the installer is XPEL authorized dealer. XPEL film is thicker, so some installers don't like it because it is hard to stretch. most of my friends have XPEL on their cars, and I also suggest my friends to get XPEL if they want PPF because I do have positive experience with the XPEL. In addition, I meet a installer Tint Yoda here providing opti-coat Pro service on my car, and his work is so professional. btw, he also only uses XPEL.
  3. how about the quality of the work? this is my concern and I have learnt lesson from it. I got my front windshield tint with 3M crystalline 90% for $250. it had A lot of contamination inside and the installer told me this was normal because no one could do 100% perfect tint, but I was asking for a 90-95% perfect. samething to all of my windows because I can see 2-3 contamination inside each window but I can live with it. This installer has 5 stars review from yelp. For clear bra, one install can charge you $900 and use plotter to cut the film for ur hood, and another installer can charge the same amount money and hand cut the film to cover ur hood. I would go for the second installer because the second one could cover the edge of the panel. I think if you are confident about your work, you don't have to worry about the price war. Before I had my xpel clear bra, there was a non xpel authorized installer said he could do full cover on hood, fender and bumper on my car for $900, but I didn't buy it because an authorized installer with, more than 10 years experience, could do it for $1000, and I could have 10 years warranty on it. Well, I didn't get a change to make an appointment with the guy because he was fully booked until next week, and I could only stay in the bay area during the Thanksgiving week.
  4. U shall call cops because they want you to work with him to get compensation from PayPal, and this is a crime
  5. It depends on ur local customer support. I have XPEL ultimate on my car, and it has 10 yrs warranty in the United States. Both XPEL and Suntek have self healing feature, so you won't go wrong with these two brands. I got the same quote on these 2 brands, so I choose XPEL coz its thicker than Suntek and 5 more years warranty. Make sure you choose authorized installer because some installers are not authorized installers.