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  1. I agree Ryker for all the films that i have and for auto, But when it comes to flat Glass especially big flat glass jobs, customers want to see documentation, Not only that but global has 31 different types of arch film none of them which ive ever seen besides silver 35, I've never complained in the last 5 years of using global but now that I'm doing flat glass its starting to mean something to me. Im going to put this on the Fb boards to see if you get more responses.
  2. definitiley the tinter unfortunately , 3 things could of happened 1] he had the right blade [ss] but was dull which would be a mistake , 2] he had the right blade and was sharp the way its supposed to be BUT, your glass is soft [which if thats the case it is technically his fault BUT, in A away not his fault because there is no way to know of the glass was soft prior to cutting on it, OR the worst of all he used a carbon steel which cuts the glass no matter what at which point he is 100 percent to blame, I guess the real question is it worth the hassle about a line that you didnt even know was there and will forget about next week and likely never see it again unless your purposely staring at it , I know its not the best response but its true, almost every car in the world is full of minor dents and scratches including all over the windows BUT you dont notice them unless your really trying to. . same case in this matter,
  3. Does Does anybody have ab up to date, Global dealer marketing documents available online. . They have the supposed dealers den, but when you click on that it pretty much just tells you there is a catalog some where and even tells you can click on a "featured item" But no featured item to click on ?. . I used google image search to find and download files like the one below from an Australian website but i can not find by them a complete collection. BY FAR The most complete source i could find is from Express's site "filmnow" website WHICH IT IS EXACTLY WHAT IM LOOKING FOR but its uses all old logos and not update with certain films . . while im ranting for some films like the crystal and alox, Neutral etc, they are not even found on Globals site . Even when i ordered the official "global " sample book half the films i was interested in learning about were missing, . . . which sucks because how can sell something when neither i or the customer doesn't even know what it looks like. .. Global PLEASE HELP US DEALERS LET THE WHOLE WORLD NOW HOW GOOD YOUR PRODUCT is BY UPDATING YOUR OLD MARKETING CATALOG WITH STATE OF ART AND UP TO DATE MARKETING AND DEALER SUPPORT ALONG WITH FULL SAMPLE FOR ALL YOUR AWSOME PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!! WE CAN'T SELL WHAT WE DONT KNOW . . . PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! EDIT. . .after i wrote this i decided to check the site of every authorized distributor in the USA to see if any one has up to date marketing support. There is express, aka filmnow aka Howard , worldwide suncontrol , aka Umesh , Global dragon [i forgot who that was ] and Solar control aka Big Dog Chris, and a new one i never heard of Victory Vinyls Distribution, For all the names i listed I have nothing but love and respect for you guys but, when i checked all the sites for dealer support only 2 mentioned anything , both of which where outdated. [dragon and express] Howards list is ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME , the more i go thru it the more jems i find. . . sorry for this long post but have been researching all day thru the global sourced films and marketing support for a HUGE job coming up that i need to SELL and i couldn't find any up do date marketing , . . i guess ill just have to use the retro stuff SOURCED FROM AN AUSTRALIAN SITE, But they only 2 or 3 BY FARE THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE and is exactly what im looking for , But unfortunately over a decade has passed since these files have last been updated and are antiquated . EVERY DISTRUBOR IN THE USA THE ONLY OTHER SITE WITH MARKETING MATERIAL , But all old as well
  4. wow, i thought he had a lot of tool. . .smh
  5. I go through Umesh and I've asked him about any other light films they have and he advised the only light film he has is a 70% ceramic I'm going to ask him if he can order it though and what the prices are because I really need a light film and I prefer to stick with global/garware. Not Only that but Umesh had always taking care of me if I've ever had any issues. . . I posted the same question on Facebook and got some pretty cool answers one was Rayno Platinum air 7090 IR and also a Helios Supernova Nano ceramic which is which is for a really really good price almost too good to be true going to do some more research on that one
  6. I'm a technical person and I absolutely love your technical response I really appreciate it hit all the details right on the head
  7. Hello @Naples Tint Company I've been busy , but am still looking for the perfect 70, I just realsied there is 2 difference companies selling a "wincos" one is wincos-global and then the other is madico, if you dont mind me asking which one were you referring . . . for the madico, there is only one wincos and for the wincos, there is a bunch as listed above. . . . Automotive Film WINCOS www.wincos-global.com/automotive/ Lintec automotive grade films offer superior levels of thermal insulation performance and are friendly to both vehicle occupants and our planet. ... These automotive films block heat from summer sunlight and greatly contribute to making car interiors a more comfortable space. WINCOS www.wincos-global.com/ LINTEC offers high quality window film products, WINCOS, developed by its unique coating technology. Madico Automotive Films - Madico Window Films & Specialty Films www.madico.com/window-film/automotive/ Wincos Automotive films pair natural beauty with sound scientific research for the ultimate in windowfilm style and performance. ... by blocking 99% of UV rays; Reduces fading of vehicle's interior; Helps hold shattered glass together in the event of an accident; Extreme IR rejection – up to 92%; Lifetime, no-fade warranty ...
  8. WOW. .. . I would have never expected the CEO of laser labs to reply to me . . . .lol. . . I hope i didn't get any one in trouble as the lady was extremely nice, but the more i inquired the about "the green glass" the more awkward the conversation got, so my question for you ed, is there any effect of a green led being used on green glass? My logic in my mind indicates yes, but I dont have the knowledge to back that up. . Either way thanks for the reply , I have one other questions as well. Are these meters accurate for measuring tint alone with out glass, I tried several time but kept getting an E1 error, it seem i probably should have got the 2 piece meter because its near impossible to press the lever and slide a piece a film in there with out geting an E1 error, My reason for doing this is the as we mentioned earlier the factory glass is getting darker and darker to the 70 percent level and as it does we have to compensate what tint we put on the car for the darkness of the glass.. thanks for the replie
  9. thanks every one for the great responses. . I know what im lookin for may seem impossible but then again its always out there some where, if you look hard enough, @naplestint i just checked out wincos 70 website and it seems like a great film, im going to give them a call tommorow and get some prices on it, there specs are very impressive especially on the ir sidehanks
  10. I know this post is old but im actually looking to make a waiver for all my customers and was wondering if you can upload a sample of your waiver that you use
  11. WOW, never in a million years would I have thought to do that, thanks for the vid!. That's the beauty of tips and techniques is that normal normally they're so far out there that you would never think of doing them could you imagine what the optima tinter thought drysheers and soap when that first came out as a technique, I presumed sum of scoffed at it! again thanks for that vid. . However it brings up two questions 1 do you do this on all cars or do you just have a list of cars you already know that you need to do it on 2 It seems like it would run risk the chance of destroying the lines, have you had any issues with this?
  12. Im looking for something that has a relatively High TSER , easy to shrink and good optical clarity and most important of all not be crystaline expensive I've tried 50 percent global/suncontrol nr and love it clarity wise and shrinkability , but its to dark and has a tser arround 30 [from memory] , I ve tried 70 global cermaic but way to hard to shrink and horrible hazing issues, so i returned it, but had great heat rejection and a TSER of 50 percent I know 3m crystaline also TSER of 50 but way to pricey Was looking at express nr cl 70% Tser 26 percent and there all metal 70% which is 24TSER but thats to and obviously that's pretty low TSER and the sizes are very odd like 60 inch and 30 inch which is very incovenent for installs when i normally get 40inch rolls does anybody have any recommendations: I know were not supposed to discuss prices so im call it value in $$$$$ and im looking for something with a global value for reference : we will call global $$ call crystalline $$$$$ I would love to know what your using , the TSER, shrinkability and value .
  13. Well I just did a little bit of digging and found this. . . . this on there website "" http://www.laser-labs.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Online-Training-course-mobile-1.pdf She advised that they had to change the led to white, so i guess the question is what is the affect of using a green led to measure vlt on green glass. this would be a scientific question having to do with light absorption. . I know black absorbs all light , white reflects all light, but not sure the relation of a colored light shing on a colored glass, would be the light would be reflected back at a higher percentage OR would the green light be absorbed by the green glass resulting in a lower vlt. . it would take a genius to answer this. . . lol Any takers?
  14. So I just placed my first order with Laser Labs and just got off the phone with them, I was speaking with some one and we were just casually talking about tint when she brought something up that i have never heard of before. She said that they have to modify the meters for the japanese market because japan has "green" auto glass and the meters dont meter right with out then changing out the type of the led to a white led. . . I asked her can she send me info on this because as most tinters know the glass on these new cars are getting darker and darker, right down to the the federal 70 percent mark. and the hue chosen for the darkness is more often then not GREEN. I informed her this and she responds well japan has different glass and they dont ship japanese cars with japanese glass to the states, I replied well its quite ironic how japanese toyotas like the corollas and camry have green glass just as she is describing even the newer impalas have this look. . she responds well its proprietary information and so i can't send you any info. . . she was very nice, but at the this point seemed a little nervous as she likley was talking about something that she shouldnt have, however too late as my curiosity had just been arousen \ so the million dollar question : she just inadvertently admitted that the meters on the us market are not accurate with green glass which is slowly become the standard for newer cars, does anybody have any info on this. it seems like with the right documentation this would be a good way to get out of a ticket. but at the same time there are millions of meters on the market already and deeming then all inaccurate for modern dark green glass would be a bit controversial . . I'd love to your opinion on this or if any one has any info on this especially @smartie2shoes
  15. thanks for the vids, its always helps to see suggestions and tips from others, I have a couple of recommendations for vids of common issues 1] installin film in cars that have very deep gaskestsn the left and right side of the window, example would be an audi a8 or newer bmw 745s, the rubber seal comes in almost an inch in both sides and it very hard to get it all in there with out iy either creasing the film or cutting the film shorter to compensate 2]installing rear tint on cars that have extra thick defroster lines while avoiding peanuts as it dries. . example chrysler 300 lexus es 300 3] installing film on front windows that have a very small length on the mirror side of the glass , the issue is when your you have the window rolled down an inch for part one of install the mirror side of the glass can be only a 2 or 3 inches making it very hard to seal it into place and roll it up so you can get do part 2 of the install aka the bottom install. . . for example newer some newer cadiliac , lexus is 250 and several others These are all cars i have dealt and and i got them all done and done well, BUT not with out a bunch of frustration and irritation, any tip videos would be much appreciated by me and many others.
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