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  1. makes sense and I buy a box of J&J at a time and probably has been two years since we bought it. anyone like the generic target brand? I'll check out fusion
  2. Ya I feel like I'm shaking constantly also as I have always been. It's just weird. Getting weird tack too. Making it seem like every window has Rain x on it. But That can't be the case. I guess I'm going to have to switch to dawn.
  3. Been using J&J for 20 years. I feel as of recently something has changed. Anyone notice that the soap seems to settle out? As water will be slick at beginning of the bottle but by the end it is just water.
  4. I do sell true Ceramic Window films. Huper Optik. Anyone who has tried to install a true ceramic on a car knows my pain. It is a complete PITA to install but I have people drive across states for me to tint their cars on a monthly basis. So the high end or ability to sell it isn't really the problem "I think". I am in a more middle class Military type environment. I'm really not too informed on the ceramic coating or spray on PPF. I'll be honest I let me reputation sell most jobs and it does as I have put in the 20 years time to do that. I like cars but I stare at them 6 days a week. On my off times going to a car show and talking about cars is the last thing I want to do. I do not want every car that calls. Being in the electronics business I gave up price matching years ago. And because I did I am one of the only ones left. But as I have said. This is the only category that I book less than 10% of my leads and it is down right irritating to me/ infuriating and I am just wondering if it is a standard for the industry? Or am I priced too high? or what? I know its not my installs. Just need some ego petting haha! Minty: do you just do PPF? High End area?
  5. It seems as so in my market. Everyone is talking Spray on ppf (like plastic dip process) or ceramic top coats (wax like applications) Seem to be winning. I have never dove strongly into the PPF market but have been doing it for 2-3 years. I am very good at it and would say my installations are top notch. However, my hands and finger joints just get pissed off doing it so I don't push it heavily. But I do enjoy it just not every day because my hands won't let me. What are you guys techniques for combating sales when fronted with these two products listed above. I sell Xpel ultimate and my prices might be considered high for people who only do PPF. I would also like to know how you guys price. I usually add $40 per kit for install for standard kits and $100 per full hood fender kits on Xpel's site (there are obviously margins in the cut and product) The general reaction I get is shock. Not that it's not worth it but they just didn't realize the cost behind wanting it. None the less I give out all sorts of quotes and get probably 5-10% of the jobs. Xpel has a "super dealer" across the river from me about 40 miles away. Which I'm sure they do it for less than me. I feel like I sell them the jobs as PPF is all they do. Where as my main attractions are custom car audio and Window Tinting. I guess what is your typical conversion rate from call/stop ins to bookings?