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  2. We are looking to hire an experienced paint protection film installer in Kelowna BC. We offer a competitive wage depending on experience, extended health and dental benefits, paid vacation and overtime hours. Experience is mandatory in paint protection film but window tint and vehicle wrapping is an asset. Must be able to work as a team player but also efficiently independently. We are looking for someone who can work in a fast paced environment, be self motivated, have attention to detail and have a clean driving record. If this sounds like you then we would love to hear from you! Kelowna is in British Columbia and offers many different activities in all four seasons. There are world class ski hills nearby, beautiful lakes, mountain biking, golfing, just to mention a few. Not only is the Okanagan Valley known for the many different activities but is also popular for all the wineries and orchards. If you are the right fit and needing to relocate then possible moving incentive.
  3. All those interior patterns!! That would make the install much easier and use minimal slip . Who’s patterns are those??
  4. How was the TruCut pattern fitment for the Model 3? And was there a full car pattern available? Whats your feedback on it? I just did a 2/3 PPF wrap on one yesterday with PremiumShield film/patterns.
  5. Yeah like minty said, dry app only works for small pieces. even smartphones can be tricky doing it dry apply. I had a MB C63S come in, they wanted the whole piano black centre console done in PPF, at first I said no because it would have to be wet applied and I would have to remove the whole piece out of the car and then remove all the electronics out of it in order to do it wet, and they say ok do that lol, so I just charged accordingly...
  6. heres one from my old shop last year LC full car ppf
  7. I wont install film on a repaint until 7-10 days after, unless they are ok with no warranty and that I wont be held responsible if a paint mishap happens during film install. I tell them if I can put a mark in the paint with my fingernail, its still too fresh.
  8. We've done lots of LC and SL full hoods one piece, we don't use hot water to stretch and don't get stretch lines. For slip we use JJ baby shampoo, water, and a splash of alcohol. We try to do the full stretch before tacking or anchoring anything. Stretch it out and tack the excess film to the fenders and bumper to hold the stretch. If we do need to tack a small spot on the front and stretch back to the rear corners, I'll sometimes get the whole hood laid down then pop up the original front anchor and relax it a little to help it ease up the tension. I'll post a couple pics if I find em **side-note** on the MB SLS, and AMG GT hoods, we run the 60" film the other direction because the hoods are just way too long otherwise
  9. Hey guys, Just wanted to shoutout a huge thanks to the guys at PremiumShield for getting the AMG GT-R full-car patterns produced so quick, and GREAT patterns too!!! To anyone that was involved in making the patterns, you did an awesome job! Full car, everything fit just amazing. My client decided to go with a full car Matte PPF, so i was a little concerned about the small natural gap from the edge of panels that is usually acceptable when applying gloss ppf. These patterns fit right to the edges and/or wrapped around for a better finished look, especially for matte PPF. My client was SUPER happy with the results!! I’m sure I’ll see more of his cars in the future. For anyone that hasn't used PremiumShield Elite SH yet, do yourself a favor and just try it out, you won't be disappointed. I've used SunTek PPF for many years, and though it is still a great product, PremiumShield Elite SH is next level! it is the flattest (no orange peel), glossiest, clearest film I've used, and super installer friendly too. Once again, Thanks guys for the great patterns!! -the team at Factor AutoFilm
  10. Ok thanks, yeah I saw that website. Was unsure about it... so I asked here. Doesn't Madico or Johnson have colored film?
  11. I have someone requesting red window tint for their Dodge Stealth windows. Anyone know where I can find some that isn't absolute crap? Not really looking for ebay stuff... Needs to be heat-shapeable too (obviously) Thanks in advance
  12. I have a truck coming in next week for a front end ppf with just a partial (18") hood, and the center section of the hood wrapped in matte black as an accent. Neither is applied yet. I am applying the partial hood ppf first as normal, then applying the matte wrap section ON TOP of the ppf, for the reason that IF the customer eventually chooses he is over the accent wrap on the hood he can remove it without removing or redoing the hood ppf. I have installed wrap/stripes over ppf before without ever a problem.
  13. Thanks for all the feedback guys!! I ended up going with a Graphtec FC8600-130 54" plotter. Was leaning that way anyway, then found a barely used demo model with full warranty for a great price. Now I'm trying to make the Graphtec Studio software work for my vinyl cutting needs, but I don't think it's gonna make the 'cut'... Anyone have experience using Graphtec Studio? Might be a topic for a different board...