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  1. Hi my name is Anne Leitson, at ProTech Window Protection , Thank you for stopping by, I have been in the Business of Window Tinting and Security Film for over half my life I still get excited to help my customers get the Window Tinting and or Security Film they need on the Homes or Business and in awe every time Before during and after the install . I take all measured steps during install to insure a professional end result. so if you need my help with your windows please contact me . email Thanks again and have a bless day Anne Leitson
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  3. I want to thank everybody for their advice . I did a job with it to match factory tint (Spangler Glass) and the Green cpx 80 was the only thing close to it . I am still collecting samples . Thank you again . and Happy Holiday season..
  4. SunTek CPX 80 % anybody know a film that matches , they no longer make it and it matched green factory glass I am trying to match Thank you in advance
  5. keep receipts dated an warranty together and singe by costumer
  6. after tint , Caulk it . looks great and will last a long time
  7. It is also how the glass is made too, plate glass and tempered glass break different you have insulated 3x panes which means it is tempered . 6 mil with High Impact tape from John Tate in Pompano Fl. has Clear High Impact tape which is a better looking and easy cleaning long lasting investment for sure . call him at 954-290-5700 let him know Anne sent you good luck
  8. Hi my name is Anne Leitson, I am a Professional , if you need help on a Building .I have all professional equipment, and or someone experienced in managing your crew. I am ready for a new chapter and willing to travel. Anne Leitson St.Pete. Fl. 727-902-8468
  9. Hello my name is Anne Leitson I am a Commercial safety and or security film installer looking to join a crew if you have a large project and need some help ,please call me 727-902-8468 and visit my site with many years of experience with pictures at Thanks Anne Pro-Tech Window Protection
  10. I do like the way you ask . but you have been installing professionally for 6 months, You have to be at least 3 years Tinting before you start doing security film