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  1. Any good for european market? Does it have to be used with suntek film only? What are my options for a good ppf software that isn’t tied with a specific manufacturer? Thanks in advance, Roy
  2. Update: i have bought some files, will test out tomorrow, using opalux film,aswf film,xpel film,suntek standard pro,llumar xtc film, nice test for this week☝️
  3. Thanks guys thats a mega help! Much appreciated👌👌👌
  4. I’m on the understanding it is a single cut, cut2, 31slots per 10mm file, but i would like this confirmed, i’m based in the UK and cannot find a supplier of files... well one stockist has it but they want me to buy a roll of film if i want to buy files, they also won’t tell me what the file specifications annoying! Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. Im in the uk and looking for a supplier of vinyl wraps that you guys would revommend? Mainly for colour changing vehicles. Also is kpmf ritrama vinyl any good? Thanks in advance!
  6. first picture.................digitally cut by stevie wonder..........
  7. Sorry to see you got a poor job i'm not classing myself as a pro tinter,learning gradually over two years and good god even i can do better than that :/
  8. Hi there,i'm looking to see if there is anybody in the UK recruiting an enthusiastic hard working trainee window tinter,i have tinted previously to gain some experience but iam not a professional. I would be grateful if you know off anybody recruiting to point me in correct direction,i will continue to search, Thanks.
  9. Well here is one LOL .... i had to remove the film,only small particles of glue remained....... and re-tinted in 20% by me
  10. pmxcoatings in Hampshire is who i order from....... ask for Sharon she is extremely helpful
  11. I was in the same position as yourself.vould not shrink,did not know what tint was what etc,6months on i can shrink any window however loads to learn yet! find as much out about window film itself before trying to cut and apply. get that all sorted out in your head first, I was lucky enough to post up on here and have a professional tinter get in touch with me and offer all advice i needed for free, my faith in the human race has been well and truly restored! Also note i went on a training course before hand paid silly money and was still in the dark!!
  12. Interesting replies,i have liased with a UK company,they are sending me various metres of working samples to try out,very nice of them