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  1. Do it in pieces it makes life easier. Carbon fiber you can dome what match up but like was said its so busy its hard to see anyway.
  2. That is tricky.... Yes u can or use a needle and syringe. The probl is if there is any tension where that bubble is when u make a cut it has the possibility to tear and make a big hole. Just have to use good judgment.
  3. True^^^ not for me. I'll stick to the brands u been using. No more adventuring out unless it's known proven product.
  4. To add we asked for samples mnths before ordering and never got any after the said they shipped some to us. Which was a lie. Asked several times after for samples. Never received .
  5. I have used there product and never will use it again. I had the red chrome and was supposed to wrap a frs in it but when we started laying it I was not impressed. Flat surfaces its OK but I have found that it does not adhere well. Also found a 14ft section with a crease across it. Dirt particals in the glue. A fade line vertically . They claimed it was a first production roll that fell through the cracks.does not stretch like advertised. Stick with avery chrome.
  6. My suggestion is if the molding covors that area then I would cut at that edge at the bottom so it will seal good. Then you could either use seal tape or the adhesive glue to make sure the edge don't come up. You don't want any bubbles bc eventually they can and will cause lifting.