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  1. Hello all. I looked in the flat glass forum and wasn’t sure where to post this question so if I hope I can ask here. I am good at pulling seals from the standard metal frames most commercial store fronts are done in. How do you guys do the entry doors? I have always butted up to the seals but wonder if it is hard or what is the process to pull the gaskets. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. We took CTX out of the lineup and show off ATC and IRX with the heat box. If they ask then we pull the CTX glass out of a drawer and put it in there for them. Then they ignore the ATC and it is a chess game with CTX and IRX. We tell them that for $--- more they are getting a noticeable benefit with the IRX. The upgrade is much smaller than the jump from ATC to CTX so you might as well go a step further if you are going to do it....Works 90% of the time...and yes, my percentage of upgrades has increased since my previous post. LOL!! Basically same sales pitch @DynamicATL does.
  3. We show all customers the display board and then let them feel the difference between 5% dyed and 35% IRX with the heat lamp box. At least 75% go with IRX and the rest usually drop down to the "mid-grade" which is either CTX or QDPC. We do very little dyed anymore at retail level with most of it usually at dealer level now.
  4. @ErieTint glad to hear it went well. We have one universal setting for pressure on our plotter for all of Llumar...atc, atr, ctx, irx and it doesn't matter it all cuts the same. Global we have settings for QDP, different one for QDPC. It is a lot more finicky. That's interesting you felt it was almost the same as ATC. We felt there was a clear and evident difference between IRX and CTX. Haven't really thought about a comparison lower down the line. Don't sweat the windshields. They are like being married. Regardless of how long you have been at it there are days where everything goes great with little or no effort and then there are days when you cannot seem to do anything right and the harder you try....the worse it gets. Just take it in stride.
  5. @Gary_tintingtonIt pretty much meters out to be the same shade as the ATR 20% so although not technically a 20% Llumar feels it is close enough. The ATR came out of the box at 29% and would read 25-27 on a meter depending on vehicle and roll which is "almost legal." Now Llumar actually uses the correct percentage. Here in the our part of the deep south most folks want just a little darker than legal on cars so it is popular. With meter readings within 2-3% of our statute that gets good enough for a lot of the public and some law enforcement let it slide...not all. Also we use a lot on rear of SUV's. It doesn't have that black tone of the 15% and I think that is one reason it is so popular.
  6. Thanks, @no ma'am for that update. Makes no sense how you release everything EXCEPT that shade. That is one of if not THE most popular shade. It is shenanigans like this that made me also pick up the Global line after 33 years as a dedicated Llumar only dealer. I can understand the formula one folks are a priority but at the price point of this film those of us with the line should get a little respect as well. Makes no sense to down sell a customer for that shade. I was told by the rep they were going to "gauge demand for a 25." My response was....."I hope it won't be where you 'gauged demand' for the CTX 25. Took you way too long and now you are late to the game."
  7. Hi @ErieTint, we were sent two of these for being an early adopter and making a substantial investment in the new line. They came from Robertson Marketing so I would assume they are now available through the dealer portal. I am curious to know your thoughts post install. Please let me/us know.
  8. @Bham sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I will take a picture of one of my sample boards and let you see some numbers if one of these folks don’t beat me to it. This film feels very “Global like” which the rep did not appreciate very much. It is thicker as @no ma'am said, stickier and better scratch coat. I have long been critical of CTX and even though the engineers at Llumar assured me when I visited that all films have same adhesive it did not feel the same. This film corrects that. I think we were the first to get it in Alabama. Picked it up in June prior to showing up in the catalogs and it has been wonderful for us. Just wish they had a 25 or 20%
  9. I did the same thing back in the day now almost 20 years ago. I went to Auburn to get a master's degree and made the drive home almost every weekend to tint. PLUS created a customer base there and had things to do during the week. Nice additional income till graduation. No worries. You will be fine. There is always a demand for a good window film installer. What you are leaving will be there when you get back...if you want it.
  10. But then you would truly miss all of the "oh, I thought that went on the inside" "I want it really dark but legal." "I stripped all the glue off for you except for maybe the corners and the bottom. Is that ok?" "What tints do you have?"
  11. Well the guy called me at like 6:30 this morning. Of course I missed it. Went to call him back and no answer. Then called the other number he didn’t know the manager had given me and picks up first ring. I get cc number and while I run it through he takes the opportunity to tell me how he has been trying to call me. What an asshat. Thanks for the advice guys. All good sound responses. I appreciate everyone as always
  12. Howdy folks, I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands and need opinions. The owner of the shop of one of my commercial accounts had an employee call and request we come out and tint his corvette windshield. We did it the next day, and when it came time to pay the invoice we were told he was out of town and would call us shortly with a credit card. We went ahead and left. Never called and now two days later still not paid after several phone calls by his staff. He supposedly tells the manager he will call in an hour, call after lunch, etc... Now the manager is upset about it and says he can't believe it etc..etc.. I told him we would be there tomorrow to be paid or rip it off. Any other suggestions or should I try a different approach? The amount is over $200. Of course I will lose the account in addition to this invoice. Nothing seems like a good option. Thanks in advance.