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  1. Hello and thank you for reading. I have 25 years plus experience in window tinting ,clear bra, vehicle wrapping commercial & residential film installation experience. I have owned my own shop I have also managed several locations as well as being involved opening and expanding companies into other states such as New Orleans and Las Vegas. I’m touching on some key points & somethings I believe in as a person I am professional at all times with quality & customer care as well using customer relationships with professionalism and positive work demeanor day to day no exceptions. I am a team player hard worker. I am very passionate about this Industry Automotive tinting as we’ll as commercial and residential tinting. I believe you find something that you love to do you will never work again and that is exactly how I feel within this industry. I am very familiar With 12v car audio and alarms in my installer days I only used directed electronics such as Viper alarms. I was very successful in sound offs car audio competition under IASCA rules in sound quality with custom installations. I’m also up to date on HiDs and LEDs. I am drug-free and bring drama I’m newly engaged maybe a wedding next year hopefully. My name is Nicholas and please Nic is fine. If any of this or all of this sounds good and you’re looking for someone such as myself or maybe you’re not all the way there yet needing somebody this diverse please still give me a call I enjoy this industry thoroughly nothing is not worth talking about 443-900-5326 or email me at nicsi@me.com. And Once Again Thank You For Taking The Time to Read This.
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