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  1. Yep, especially 3M Crystalline. I have seen it look brownish, blueish, and silverish depending on the vehicle. It is a guessing game when selling it since we like to let the customer know what the outcome will look like before we start. Out of the Llumar/3M lines we carry, I like the 3M Color Stable coloring the best but the 3M CIR is my favorite overall film right now. It took them forever to launch the product and definitely late to the market with it but I think it is one of the best Ceramic options out there right now.
  2. Looks great! I do want to add that the color your seeing has a lot to do with the natural color of your stock glass...basically the combo of the two together. If you see the film by itself, it may look completely different. 3M CIR has a very neutral appearance to me. 3M Crystalline 40/20 has no blue, they are both brownish. 3M Color Stable has the most blue out of any of them. I've had 2 complaints from customers about the 3M CS being too blue...both were BMW owners. F1 Pinnacle has a greenish hue to it. I haven't uploaded the last couple of months of photos from the camera but we just did a M2. I will have to get the photos and see what film was installed. To give people another example, the below is a video done by one of our customers. It is 3M CIR 35 (50 on the windshield) on his Mercedes-AMG E63...it shows before tint, after tint in bright sunlight, and after tint in regular sunlight.
  3. Just look at the website, NaturalNews.com...as soon as I saw the link knew it was fake. I actually unfriended someone I know on FB the other day cause they keep posting fake websites about them closing down liquor stores...they were seriously freaking out about it. Like where did you see anyone official state they were doing that?!
  4. The film is called 3M Color Stable or CS for short. It is a nano-Carbon film which a lot of people don't know since the term "Color Stable" is generic term for basic films that don't turn purple. So I like to promote the Carbon technology so customers know it is not a basic film.
  5. Personally, I love the look of 3M CS...it has a blacker look with a hint of blue. Llumar ATR is going to be a neutral charcoal color with a light reflective appearance since it is a metalized film. If you click the link below, then type in CS into the search bar a bunch of 3M Color Stable photos will come up...you can do the same for ATR. If you look for the cars that you can slightly see into, those will be somewhere in the 30/35 range. https://dynamicappearance.com/window-tint/tint-photo-gallery/
  6. Nah, you want to hear some WTF?! The Georgia governor ordered shelter-in-place for the state but on the EXACT same day he allowed the beaches to reopen to the public for "exercise". Like people can't run anywhere else but on a beach. Yeah, he is a fool.
  7. PA tint laws are tricky since they do not specify what a legal shade is, only that the windows have to be clear enough to see inside from the windshield and side windows. So it is completely up to the officer if they want to ticket you. Anything below 50% could be considered too dark to see inside depending on the amount of sunlight that day. However, looking at window tint shops in PA, they tend to agree anything below 70% is illegal. So this is probably the level of percentage they are confident that you will not receive a ticket. So it is completely up to you, just know if you do something like a 20%, be okay with paying a fine possibly more than one. Just to give you an idea, there is NO state that allows 20% on the 2 front doors and most do not allow it on the rear windows with the exception of SUV/Trucks. Now as far as inspection goes, I did not see any mention illegal will make you fail inspection. I would contact an inspection station to clarify this. According to Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code Section 4524(e)(1) related to Sunscreening and other materials prohibited it states that No person shall drive any motor vehicle with any sun screening device or other material which does not permit a person to see or view the inside of the vehicle through the windshield, side wing or side window of the vehicle. Subsection(2) this subsection does not apply to: (1) A vehicle which is equipped with tinted windows of the type and specification that were installed by the manufacturer of the vehicle or to any hearse,ambulance,government vehicle or any other vehicle for which a current valid certificate of exemption has been issued in accordance with regulations adopted by the department. PA TINT LAW PA DOT FACT SHEET POLICE FORUM
  8. To tint those side markers on the fenders? We would charge $100...basically $50 per set of side markers or fog lights.
  9. Any issues? All the windows normal sized like the Model S?
  10. Check out Express films if you want something low priced but good. If you want junk film to practice check out ATC films.
  11. There is only ONE source...Huper Optik. Any only seller advertising Huper, 3M, Llumar or any other major brand is selling a cheap Chinese or Korean knockoff. Brands like that do not allow you to sell the film and would drop any dealer caught doing it. Not to mention there are professional tinters with 20 year experience that can't shrink Huper Ceramic without ghosting it. You have a better chance of hitting the lottery than doing that as a new tinter...not to mention waste thousands of dollars trying it.
  12. I don't see it happening since the other ones are not mandatory. The ordinary flu kills an average of 56,000 people every year and it is not mandatory.
  13. My friend/co-workers mom has it...she is in the hospital now but was already there due to complications from a previous cancer surgery. A popular high school coach here in GA has also passed away from it. As far as politics goes, off coarse they will use it to show Trump is unfit for office. The Republicans would be doing the EXACT same thing if Hillary was the president. No matter what, people will try to take advantage of the situation to serve their own need. I am neither Rep or Dem since I believe in voting for what is best for the Country not based on what group I belong too. I personally thing the current POTUS is an idiot and didn't take it serious enough in the beginning. However, if Hillary would of won, who's to say she would of reacted any better? She could have done better, the same, or even worse.
  14. Yeah, numbers jumped some in GA too but some of it has to do with reporting the numbers. “Today’s significant increase in cases is in part reflective of improvement in electronic reporting efficiency from commercial laboratories,” the Georgia Department of Public Health said. “These reports often have sparse patient data and DPH will be working to complete these records, so data will change over time.” I did just learn since we are technically an auto repair business with the lighting, we are considered essential.
  15. So you think a lock down is going to prevent people from going to the hospital if they think they are sick? 🤣🤣