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  1. Yeah, most new people seem not to be using it. Personally I always hated using forums that required you to post in the new member section.
  2. Absolutely. Personally, I used sunglasses instead of a tinted shield back when I rode since a tinted shield would suck at night. The photochromic route would be a very good choice since you will be getting best of both worlds. If photochromic is the desire, many helmet companies use Transitions including Bell, KLIM, LAZER, and SHOEI. I am sure there are other options that are not Transitions brand too. So there are several options even though it might not be the first choice helmet.
  3. The truth is there is no money there for window tinters and honestly it is a stupid purchase for the consumer. First, there are already several helmet manufacturers that have photochromic shields ranging from $140-$200 depending on the brand. Second, photochromic films are expensive, so most shops would be around $100 or more for the job. Lastly, there is no guarantee that the film will even last. Conclusion, why would you spend almost the same amount of money on something that won't be as clean and won't last? Just buy the shield replacement if your helmet has one or upgrade to a new helmet.
  4. Yep. This is why we stopped tinting large commercial vehicles if they do not fit into our bay. It was a crap shoot if the job was going to be good or not.
  5. Yeah, it will have a lifetime warranty as long as the guy stays around tinting. Just make sure you get a receipt just in case he disappears and you have to call Global.
  6. Welcome! It really comes down to who is going to do a better job. I personally would never choose a mobile tinter since a clean installation is never guaranteed. There are plenty of good mobile tinters, but it depends on if they are installing in a controlled environment like a garage or are they outside. I would check reviews and maybe visit the shops to see any work and to get an overall feel for them. As far as the film options, Global will probably the best route...I am sure he is doing the first level QDP. Maxpro has plenty of failures out there, so...
  7. I agree, I think it will make people engage more with a response. The funny thing is when I read it was going away, the first thing I tried to do was like the post.
  8. Haven't heard anything and their website is booty, so not sure.
  9. We did the accreditation thing for a year and dropped it. It may look good to have in the flat glass part of things but being primarily automotive, I feel it is absolutely pointless. When it comes to regular customers, nobody is going to know what it is or ever care. Plus in the real world it doesn't really mean you're any good at tinting. I am sure the IWFA has a purpose that is beneficial to the industry but I don't see it nor will pay for it.
  10. They shouldn't be using Tapatalk anyways going into 2020. Just sayin'
  11. I got a chance to drive by today and there is already another company in the building.
  12. I honestly can't say, it just looks odd. I thought it looked a little brownish.