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  1. I am not sure if anyone on here uses ASWF, so not sure if there will be confirmation or not. However, you can go to that shop or another shop and have them meter the window. Generally, it will be in the 26-30% range once installed.
  2. I would say for us there has been no affect since we do not compete with shops that use these cheap films. In the rare situation someone says something like another shop has Ceramic film for cheaper, I always ask what brand? Then explain to them that there are more cheap quality Ceramic films on the market that film than good ones. 90% of the time we still get the customer. The people that choose to go the cheaper route is usually not a customer we want anyway.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B793Ftjhu8j/?igshid=15klv8ppmdixl
  4. Yeah, it is definitely not 3M. Large brands are not sold anywhere online, Express is the only quality film you can online buy without a business. Below is a video I did a few years ago comparing real 3M Crystalline to "3M Crystalline" that is sold on eBay. As you can see, nowhere near the same film.
  5. 3M Ceramic IR is one of the easiest 3M films to shrink...much easier than Obsidian, Color Stable,and Crystalline. So I would first ask, how did you get a hold of 3M Ceramic IR? The only way would be to get a 3M dealer to sell you it. Unless you know them, there would be no point of them doing this since they could be dropped form 3M if they were caught. If you bought it online, that is fake 3M...you can find it all over eBay and other places. That is just some cheap Chinese film which could be the reason for the difficult installation.
  6. Amen. I still get an occasional Flexfilm warranty...like bruh, sell this car...you've had it for way too long.
  7. Nothing wrong with the film especially from an installers POV since it is the easiest to install...I just don't think it is the best. I would do XPEL since it has the best proven track record especially for the 10 year warranty. Suntek Ultra in that form hasn't been out 10 years yet, so we will have to see if it will last that long. Once again, that is on my personal cars...I would have no problem offering it to customers since it is a good film. In my case it would be the Llumar Platinum since I'm a Llumar dealer, that is reboxed Suntek Ultra.
  8. I didn't say go with one over the other, just that Ultra is the regular film with an added top coat...there is nothing different between the two films otherwise. The top coat is to keep it weather resistant to ensure it lasts longer which is what the Ceramic coating would also do. Suntek Ultra has a 10 year warranty on it while the regular option is 5 years. So the real question is will the Ceramic coating come with a 10 year warranty? If it does, then go with the basic to save money. If it doesn't, go with the Ultra to getting double the warranty with only a 15% increase in price. So my post is based purely on the facts/specs versus a personal opinion. Personally, I wouldn't do either on my cars.
  9. It is the exact same film, just a hydrophobic or "HydroResist" top coat has been added. So basically the same as getting the Ceramic coating.
  10. I was speaking about Lexen, it is sold all over Amazon. Express is the only decent film you will be able to purchase without being a business, so I would stick to that if you want something that is going to last. Some of their lines are the same as Global which is one of the most respected brands in the game. You won't be able to purchase any of the bigger brands listed since you have to be an actual business and even then doesn't mean they will allow you to be a dealer. Not too mention all films don't install the same, so even if you get great at Express films doesn't mean you can install harder films like 3M or Huper Optik...there are tinters with 10+ years in the game that can't shrink them.
  11. No quality films are sold on Amazon, it is meant for DIY'ers that don't care about quality since 99.9% of the time the install will be trash anyway.
  12. So to update this, we won "best" in our category! Thanks for everyone that voted! It is amazing since we only voted over a period of less than 2 weeks...voting actually didn't end until late December. I already submitted us for the 2020 vote which seems they are changing things up a little.
  13. They should be closed with that quality.
  14. PPF is a film that is applied to the paint which helps prevent rock chips and other heavier damage. Ceramic coating is a thin layer of liquid that is applied to help prevent light scratches. You can pick either option to keep your paint looking new since it will be protected from the elements, but a Ceramic coating is too thin to protect from rock chips. Since PPF is also subject to damage from the elements, some people choose to add a Ceramic coating on top of the PPF which helps it remain newer looking for a longer period. No matter the route you choose, you should expect to do a full detail with paint correction prior to application even if the vehicle is brand new.