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  1. To me it appears to be the defroster line. On my cars there is always some distortion at the lines. worse at night. However I did see a back window done by someone really good in the Turlock area and I could not see the distortion I am used to seeing. The installer won some sema show tint event years ago. All of these have been done by 'professionals' and I am no where near that sort of level or ability. I would assume some brands distort less than others as well as how much if any material is removed in cleaning.
  2. Plastic gets brittle with age. Unless you gorilla handled it it could not be avoided. as I’m sure most of the people here have found a new door panel typically comes off easily when fairly new, 8 10 14 yrs later same panel parts can crumble.
  3. Looks like a nice setup. plenty of room to work. I'm just fooling around tinting my families cars. I still have 10 or more windows to get to. Starting to have better success. I see those white boards on the videos I watch. Is that glass or plastic? I like the rulers top and side. Great idea.
  4. I have been searching on the proper methods to shrink for a rear window. I like that idea/ method with the 2 guns. I have a gun that I am not having good luck with shrinking, so I was off to buy a new gun today. Rookie on a Ryker mission.
  5. I ordered a couple other brands that hopefully shrink easier. I’ll give that a try..
  6. I searched and again and am still unclear in my understanding. I read somewhere or saw it in a video about the direction of mounting the tint in relation for shrinking. It says horizontal. Does this mean only orient the film with the factory cuts top and bottom before cutting the patterns? So for this bubble shaped back glass maybe it should be vertical or still horizontal?
  7. Thank You. my heat gun is originally for shrinking model covering and I do not think it gets as hot as the gun I see in the videos I found. I can burn it if I hold it and it is definitely hotter than a hair dryer. I had pretty good success on the rear QP glass of the same car and had to shrink some otherwise it would have had fingers. Since this is the BG and I have others I want to do and I prefer darker, is there a brand of film you might suggest I try that is easier to work with that might give me decent results?
  8. I’m a rookie and have been doing random tint on my cars over the years. I bought a roll of Avery @ 35% to learn more. I was marginally successful on a sprinter front doors and fixed vent glass. Better success on an e30 Bmw sides. I have not attempted that back glass yet. None of these really requires shrinking. I guess if I can do this one all the others will be easy. I tried a couple of attempts already using the bar soap rub to start. Attached using the H pattern. Is it more of a stretch the middle than shrink the top and bottom? If you could share what helped you get it I would appreciate it. Maybe that ‘Ah ha’ moment? I have no doubts I will be constantly learning as I go. That is why I bought plenty of film for ‘class’ Thank for your time.
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