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  1. Right, but once clean and primer is dry, what do you wet the film with?
  2. Need some assistance on fixing a wrapped edge that is lifting on a rear wheel well. Assuming we can clean the debris from the pealed edge, I'm looking for the best remedy to fix it. Considering its a whole quarter panel on a newer Camaro, replacement is not an option. We're using XPEL Ultra and we used Xpel surface prep, though it seems we may have been using this wrong. Previously we've wiped all edges with this before hand and let it dry. I'm getting the impression from some earlier posts that maybe we should apply it just prior to install of the edge and use it wet????? So knowing that we only have one shot to get this right: 1) I'm thinking we clean the dirt from the film with soap solution so as not to activate adhesive. 2) Would we get better adhesion out of 3M Primer 94 or XPEL edge prep to reapply? - What do I spray the film with? Alcohol, soap or dry???? Wouldn't the alcohol mix dilute the primer???? - Will the primer 94 hurt the paint or show thru on a white car???? 3) Worst case scenario, if the adhesive is damaged or removed from this film, is there any other adhesive or glue that can be used that wont harm the paint? We've thought about trying clean silicone in the past but never tried it. Thanks in advance for any assistance.....
  3. Here is the hood and the issue at hand.....Its about 2-3 inches long and approximately 3/8" - 1/2" from the edge. The other specs are just dust that are getting picked up by the shot. The plan was to lift it open from the side, apply alcohol and try to lay it down. Initially cold. If that doesn't work, try some heat.
  4. Nothing lifted there so def not lift line. Xpel thinks silvering, which makes sense as I had thought it may be a dry spot, I'll be seeing the vehicle today so I'll know for sure and take some pics. Thanks
  5. I'm obviously referring to Xpel ultimate as this is what we're discussing. The cracked effect looks nothing like a stretched top coat. Its actually under the surface which is why I'm suspecting it may be a dry spot or and adhesive issue. If I can heat and lift this area I can stretch it a 1/4" or so and hide it underneath the hood. The vehicle is a black shop vehicle.
  6. I've stretch the hell out of material before and it looks nothing like that. If anything I'm thinking maybe the area is a dry bubble. As for the debris, I didn't explain it properly. I didn't mean to cut out a circle of the material. I was suggesting making a small surgical cut, approx 1/16", removing the debris with tweezers and then seaming it together. This can't be much different then when guys pierce air bubbles.......
  7. I'm a newbie with PPF and just did a complete hood on a 2015 2500HD Denali. Aside from one spot where a piece of debris got under the film and I didn't see it till I was some distance away from it, it came out pretty good considering the size and complexity of the hood. Also, one edge near a corner looks like cracked glass. I do have a couple issues / questions though. I didn't plan out mitering my corners very well and now I think I have some bunching on the edge of the 4 corner of the hood I need to address., I wrapped about a 1/2 around all edges and cut out small triangles in the minor angles on the front of the hood. On the main four corners (90 degree) I cut off the actual corner (triangle) so that it wrapped in a nice miter underneath. But I didn't account for the 2 sides actually meeting in the middle and leaving a seam to cause a problem. I need to pull the center of the corner around some how so that the edge isn't visible on the side or top part of the hood. Questions: 1) Can I use a steamer or heat gun to peel back my wrapped edges in those areas without damaging the film or adhesive and fix my corner? Or would it be better to hit it with heat and just smash it down as clean a possible, 2) What is the proper way to miter a 90 deg corner to avoid pucker in the middle of the fold? 3) is it possible to make a cut, extract the debris from the top of the hood and seam it back down? It's only about a 1/16 at best. Much like you would pierce an air bubble. Its maybe a 1/16 x 1/16. I think its a piece of leaf or twig that some how stuck to my arm and then fell off when I was sticking my hand under the film to remove a bubble or something. Its brown and the hood is black so I didn't feel it or see it till I was almost done and I was afraid to peel up the film at that point. 4) On the edge of one of my corners where the film looks like "cracked glass". Is it possible to again heat this area up, lift up an inch or two of the film and stretch the bad part under the hood as the wrapped section??? I've seen some films be applied, pulled back up and hit with the steamer and reapplied looking perfect, but I'm not sure this can be done with Xpel.... Thanks for your help in advance....