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  1. How many cars are you guys tinting per week? I'm averaging 3-4 a week and have been tinting for a year now. Aiming to grow.
  2. Hi guys, looked through the forum and can't find anything on this particular shape/year. Are these still I nightmare to tint (Rear doors mainly)? Been tinting a year now, done roughly 60 cars so I'm still a noob. Just need some advice please
  3. Hi, I have one of these coming for a tint in a couple of days. Anything I should be aware of? Thanks in advance.
  4. Both s Both screws were completely rounded mate, would of made the job 100 times easier.
  5. Hi guys, been tinting for a little while now (Tinted around 60 cars or so). All was going well until I came to tint a Citroen C2 the other day, easiest car in the world!... well, it would of been if it wasn't for the shite spoiler that was in the way. The spoiler will not come off, both bolts that hold it on were rounded. I attempted the tint by cutting as close as possible to the hinges that come onto the rear screen and managed to shrink the tint. Got the tint on but I wasn't happy with the rough looking 3 - 4mm gap that surrounds the hinges. Customer turned up and showed him that there was a gap. He seemed OK about it but I wasn't. I've got him coming back next week so I can have another go. Is there any suggestions you guys could make to make this job look neater. I have to cut around the hinges as tucking the tint under them or removing the spoiler isn't an option. Is there any sort of vinyl I could put on the inside of the screen to get rid of the gap? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys, been tinting for 4-5 months now and it's time to start buying a few more tools and what not, where are you guys from the UK getting supplies? I need a poly ii pressure sprayer but can't find one anywhere except US, cheers in advance
  7. Hey guys, got a customer enquiring about a rear window tint on a Ford Eco sport, anyone come across one of these before? Easy? Hard? Tips? Thanks a lot in advance