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  1. That has crossed my mind if anything goes wrong
  2. It wasn't scratched as I use a plastic squeegee with felt on the end. Hopefully I'll have no comeback then.
  3. Just a quick one. I've just installed a pretty cut kit to a focus that a customer bought from eBay. Shit film but I gave it a go. Now everything appears fine except I ended up accidently shrinking the back window with the adhesive side facing the wrong way. I've realised what I did and turned it round and it appeared to lay flat as if I'd shrunk correctly. So I've installed it and all seems OK. Will I have any issues with this ie is it likely to peel away?
  4. I use Global QDP. I lile it. Tried suntek and Johnsons but for the money i pay Global is good shit
  5. I'm interested in trying the bottom loading method. Can this be done without pulling seals? Any decent detailed videos out there that show the bottom loading method?
  6. I use Tint Slime. Prefer this to baby shampoo
  7. I've used both Johnsons and Suntek both ok but now I use Global and its is a lot better for shrinking.
  8. So happy right now. Finally smashed my nemesis. Used to hate shrinking these. Just shrunk one in under 10 mins. Used to take me 3 goes to get it anywhere near
  9. I used to have real trouble with roll down windows. I've stared tapingbthe felt seals with masking tape and thus seems to have eliminated my problems. I also found i clean less than i used to. Think sometimes you can over clean which courses problems. I razor, then squeegee the glass then run a squeegee down tyecsides followed by a final squeegee on the glass then good to go.
  10. Worse case scenario they could have at least put a strip of black vinyl down the edge prior to tinting this can help with this problem.
  11. Thats shocking. When you said light gap i was expecting a 1mm or 2 bit that must be nearly 10mm gap in some places.