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  1. Hopefully I can get some help here. I have a shop where we do dent repair and we also have a graphtec plotter and occasionally do a few window tints. I don’t want to pay 1200 to 1500 a year for tint software yet because we haven’t brought in a lot of business for tint yet. Is there a software that is cheaper or something I can buy out right. Thanks
  2. I'm not going to to tint Im Doing both
  3. Just wondering if anyone can answer this. I've been doing pdr for 4 yrs. Working for Mercedes benz also window tint for 2 yrs for Mercedes benz. I quit a d owned I just do pdr for a wholesale company. I have also made good side money doing retail pdr. I got my business license and I wanted to get a window tint plotter. My question is how much does it cost to get a plotter and get the software that cuts the patterns. I would like to start of small tinting from my garage at home before I open my own pdr / tint shop
  4. I tinted a cla250 and after I was done with back glass the push start button to start the car would not work. A technician looked at it and said water leaked downward into the trunk where the push start computer is. From now on I think I will just use a spray bottle in the back glass. And use my 5 gal tank only on the sides. I didn't even spray that much water. Any ideas to avoid to much water.?