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    Thanks for the input!
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    Back at it

    To clear the air, I was not calling the film garbage or knocking it at all. SolarFX is great film and Dragon is an awesome distributor!!!!
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    Back at it

    It is part of NYS inspection now. Your car will fail if you have anything more than 70%
  5. Its been awhile, hope everyone is doing good. Being that I'm in NY and the recent tint laws have took a huge toll on the automotive business, I took a step back. Finally slapped some film on yesterday. It has been 5 months since the last time I tinted and damn was it frustrating trying to get back into the swing of things! I had just enough film to finish the job, however the last 2-3 feet of my roll was garbage. So I contacted a local guy I had been training with and grabbed some Suntek from him. I had been using SolarFX which is 2 ply. What can I expect going to a 1 ply film(suntek)??
  6. The high temp of 1 degree has already been reached in Denver..forecast wind chills tonight of -25 DAMNNNN