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  1. How does this guy get his dot matrix so perfect
  2. One crease in this one but I've learnt a lot today.
  3. Finally making some progress.
  4. How ever I do it I always end up with to much film at the bottom corners
  5. Thank you Bham will give it a go
  6. Another 4 attempts today and still can't shrink this one. I must be doing something wrong. Are there any good sites or posts about shrinking techniques.
  7. He made that look so easy lol
  8. Tried again and failed. Maybe I just don't have the experience yet to be able to tackle this window. Luckily it's on a friends car so I can have another go at a later date. Just always end up with to much film to shrink. I'm using suntek carbon.
  9. Thankyou tint cracker I will give that a go.
  10. Hi. I'm reletivly new to the world of tinting and may have bitten off more than I can chew. I'm really struggling to shrink a rear screen on a mk 5 golf. I'm dry shrinking with baby powder and just can't get the corners without creasing. I've tried working from the middle out. Then from the outside in and only secured in the middle with the ends free. Any tips would be really helpful as I'm not one for giving up.