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  1. I suppose that could be true. I wouldn't say the same for the exotic community when you have paint that is one off. or the panels that cost thousands of dollars to repaint. for a 500k car a 10k ppf job is worth it. But you do still run the risk of peeling paint regardless of price tag, though when the film goes on these cars they don't come off/see the sun etc. Depends what area of the market you're on.....
  2. - someone who probably can't install. good looks for the ppf world. If anyone wants to look more into that car it was done by Eric and team at Envious Detailing in CA.
  3. Yes DAP has the kit for it. tip for the fairing, delete the bolt holes and extend a bit on the front edge.
  4. X2, but also depends on the vehicles you are doing. We do 99% exotics and DAP is the only one with nearly everything, and are quick to add the newest models. Program is very easy to use, although you pay much more when you don't use their film, which is a bummer.
  5. computer cut is good. just takes more time to modify patterns. some areas you'll see gloss but it doesn't look bad at all. it's the same color so it's hardly noticeable when done correctly.
  6. Have an email I could contact you through?