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    you have power to the motor when the window goes down, do you have it when it goes up with polarity switched? if you do the motor is bad or regulator is binding. which switch did you replace? master switch on drivers door affects other doors, if this was not the one replaced it could have been the problem all along. pull out the volt meter and work backwards. this post is so old its probably solved...
  2. I have 2 of the roll around units, they are adequate. hot summer day, hot black truck, kinda hard to combat that. I cut a hole in the ceiling and vented them up in the attic.
  3. brent

    2018 Golf R-line

    this is the fastest way I've found to tint these. removing the plastic A pillar trim helps, and be less evasive.
  4. did one 3 weeks ago, surprisingly the cleanest one I've seen since 94
  5. I found the solution to that. Charge a lot and you will either scare them away or have a nice chunck of change sitting in the cash register at the end of the day. Lol exactly, even if it is my kids friends from school, seems they are the ones with the junk and don't want to be seen in it.
  6. that was the next step, but we all know customers want miracles. "so if we replace the rear windows with clear and tint them, I guarantee it will match..."
  7. I'm an installer, and the thing the customer was looking at is from the inside looking out at the color, not sure how to describe it, but the factory has a rose hue,
  8. who has the film that best matches this factory privacy glass?