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  1. Hello all, Thank you for all your responses and thoughts! I wanted to give you all an update: So I gave the shop a call and told them my dilemma. They asked for a few pictures and after sending the pictures, they said they wanted to redo the windows (quarters and rear). I asked about what their installer told me (possibility of cutting up the rubber trimming) and the receptionist was surprised to hear that. She said that if they don't digitally cut the film, they trace the window on the film, cut it with a cutting wall machine(? I forgot what her exact words were), and then install the film. I also asked about the risk of the defrosters being damaged during re-installation and the receptionist mentioned while there always is a risk, it's rare from what she has seen. She said it's more likely the defrosters get damaged if the film was on the window for a decade. If the tint on the rear window for a short amount of time, like a month, it should be fine. She also mentioned if the defrosters get damaged during installation, I would have to buy a new back window if I wanted working defrosters again. Is the information the receptionist told me, correct? I want to say I'm happy with how the receptionist is treating me but I'm surprised to have the shop's installer tell me differently. I'm a little nervous about the risk of defroster damage. What do you all think? And yes, I do drive a 2012-2015 Honda Civic. Edit: I also made an appointment a week from for them to redo rear and quarter panels.
  2. Just looked them up, yep they're an authorized dealer all right. Would them being an authorized dealer have any significance on the quality of their work or service? Thank you for your input! I'll go ahead and make an appointment with them to fix the quarter panels. It was a month old car when I took it to them but I don't recall seeing a sticker on the rear window. Maybe I should have given them a wipe down with an orange-based cleaner before taking it to the shop.
  3. How would I know if this was a high quality shop or not? From the reviews on Yelp, there's hundreds of positive reviews and not too many negative reviews.
  4. Am I wrong to ask to take it back? With your expertise, do you think I should also have the rear window tinted again or leave as is?
  5. Oh no, that is what they told me. They said something along the lines of "they would have to take a sharp blade near the rubber gaskets", if I wanted to be edge to edge.
  6. Yeah I was surprised to hear the installer tell me that it should be fine.. Oh interesting, I knew there would be raised film over the defroster lines but not borders as well. Hmm, if I'm reading this correctly, you're saying the border around the rear windows aren't gaps but just raised off of the window because of the black border? Since there are marks and dirt in the rear window, would you suggest I take it back for them to redo it or leave as is? I worry as I hear stories of people redoing the back window only to find their rear window defrosters broken. Also the installer mentioned redoing the rear would be more difficult as they can't just pull the film off as it may pull off the defroster lines as well. Thank you all for your input!
  7. Hello all, A few weeks ago I went to go get my Honda Civic tinted with Llumar CTX. The shop I went to said their cuts were digitally cut so everything should line up. After all said and done, I inspected the tint job afterwards and found gaps especially on the front/rear passengers windows. I'm not talking about the windows that move, I'm talking about the smaller windows next to the bigger, movable windows. I pointed it out the and the shop said as long "the tint reaches the rubber moulding" he would consider it acceptable. But he did say if I still wasn't happy about it, he offered to redo those windows. He also threw in the fact if I were to go this route, they would have to hand cut the tint and risk cutting the rubber lining. So I was wondering if these gaps are acceptable to you more experienced tinters. The pictures I took are on the driver's side but it's the same on the passenger's side of the car. I also took a few pictures of the back window with the defroster lines, I was wondering if there is supposed to have a gap between the film and the edge of the back window. I paid about ~330 for Llumar CTX. As far as I can tell, they did a great job on the driver and passenger side roll-able windows (front and back), I'm just iffy on the smaller side windows and the back window. What do you all think? Thanks! P.S. sorry about the dirty car, my car must have gotten attacked by whatever sprinkle of rain last night :P. Front driver side window (same as passenger side) Rear driver side window (same as passenger side) Rear window with defroster (are these gaps on the edges of the film acceptable?) Rear window with defroster (Are those holes/dirt acceptable)