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  1. 50% is really noticeable with limo over the back windows. I tried 50% with 20% all around and it wasn’t too noticeable. Once I added a layer of 5 over the rears you can’t hide it. I choose 70% for my shield the second time around with limo all around. It adds a touch of darkness but nothing crazy. If you send me an email I’ll send you some pics.
  2. I've tried every shade at one point, my current favorite set up is 15% fronts, 5% over 20% rears and 50% on the shield with a 5% strip. I had 2 layers of 15% on the fronts for a while and it looked awesome but 15% looks a lot cleaner vs complete black out. I'd love 35% on the shield but the cops would tow my truck in no time, I got 3 tickets in 3 months for 50% on the shield already.
  3. Hey guys, I ran double 15% on my front windows for a while and I recently peeled a layer off because the darkness in the early mornings was getting old. The top layer came off pretty good on both windows but there's a little bit of glue left at the top of the window. Any ideas to remove the bits of glue without wrecking the first layer of tint? Thanks for any help!
  4. So you think 70% would be a waste for $150? Did it change the look or block any glare?
  5. I can believe that, the first time I ever had tint I went with 40%. It didn’t add any privacy so I went down to 20%. But in the sun it’s really see through. So I gave 5% a try and I can’t go back. I don’t find it difficult to see out. Plus I like the added darkness inside the cab, not to mention It completely blocks the sun. Love the look as well.
  6. Both, if I could get away with 35% on the windshield I would. I loved the comfort the 50% added, you didn’t really need to use sunglasses with it. I’m not sure what brand they used but I believe it was a ceramic film. Plus my truck sits in the sun all day and I’d like some protection since my dash is leather. They charge $150 for windshields up here, I was wondering if I’d notice a difference in the cab with 70%, plus I like that light smoke look. 50% just looked really dark from the outside considering it’s a “light” film.
  7. I've tried every shade up front and I don't care to run anything lighter than 5%, nothing blocks the sun like that does. I've ran it for 6 years and I've never had a pull over, I only got bothered for the 50% on the shield and where I live you aren't allowed any tint besides on the back windows.
  8. Hey guys, I'm trying to decide between these shades for my full windshield, I've had 50% in the past on this truck (2017 Ram) and I absolutely loved it. But the cops sure didn't, it wasn't overly noticeable with factory tint matching but once I went dark (double 15% fronts, 5% over 20% rear) it looked pitch black from the front. I wish 60% was an option but its either 50% or 70%. I know 70% is practically transparent but would it add a little shade since I'm running dark tint all around? 50% didn't hinder night driving at all and it added a lot more comfort in the cab, I'm wondering if 70% is a waste or not. Both pics have 50% on the shield, just with different tint set ups. Thanks!
  9. Hey there, I've been looking into getting a light film for my windshield (50%). I've got 5% on the fronts now and 1% on the back so it's really dark as it is. I'm just wondering if it'll be really noticeable from the outside. I drive a 2006 GMC Sierra so it's a big windshield which may look lighter because of all the light shining on into it. Any info would be great. Thanks, Eric