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  1. The local hardware store had a 12MM temered glass sheet that was 96x 70... the owner said i should buy it LOL i said i wish i could afford that and that i dont have a couple grand for the glass. He let me have it, AND two more 80x 36 sheets for ... ... ... ... ... 150 bucks! The big one weighs over 600 pounds. Built a nice frame for it and heavy casters and its like a rolling wall. I love it
  2. I think I migh5 be able to sell him on letting me remove the glass and replace clips and urethane. Sick pic BTW
  3. The beetle is a tough one. I like to rate BG out of ten... 10/10 difficulty windows for me are new beetle... late 80s camaro... Beretta... But just try them... so what it you mess it up trying a couple times it really only wastes 10 bucks worth of film but you learn each time... learn to stretch shrink upper corners it will help you big time. 90 min a vehicle is a good time. I have phones ringing and people to deal with so I can barely do a 90 min car
  4. Pretty much every GM just peel back the top edge of door panels and pop the sweeps out.
  5. Cool. There is no defrosters on it and it looks like I can get the chrome trim off pretty easy as he had the car redone a while back and all that stuff was installed new. I'll take a Crack at it
  6. I have the TM200 and it's great. Bought mine from 44 tools. Com
  7. I can put out about 5 completes a day doing all my own cuts... any more and I feel like I'm rushing and have to skip on quality which I don't like. I like to schedule 4 a day of completes which gives me time for drop in brows and just doors...
  8. I've decided to save money and buy my rolls in 60 inch instead of a bunch of 20s or 24/36 etc What do you use to cut the rolls? If it's a chop saw what blade?
  9. That's not Charcool at all. Charcool is my "house brand" and yes it has a slight green color to it... the funny thing about it is lights look red when looking through from one side to another. But there is no way it changes color in 6 years like that
  10. I've got mine in 20 ft rolls... call me 780 217 0832 or email and I'll trade ya for 20 ft of something you have...
  11. Panel removal? Just tuck the sweep or pull it out the top of the door panel pulls back far enough to use a hook and lift the sweep out. Personally I tuck em cause they are soft
  12. Ok I got the tool, called the guy, and the mirror pops off very easy with the correct tool. Best 30 bucks spent and will come in handy alot now
  13. Other than being larger this back window is about a 3/10 for difficulty
  14. Most 99% of GM vehicles since the early 90s I just pull the top of the panels back enough to pull the sweeps out... easy peasy bud
  15. I take the brake light out too. Takes all of 5 seconds and makes reverse rolling my film on easier. These cars are a snap! Peel the door panel tips back and lift out the brushes so you can get your roll up bottom edges down far