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  1. Just got a 72" filmhandler. Looking for ideas of how to set up in shop. Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. I went with the 72".
  3. Ok so if it will essentially hold any size roll, what size handler would you guys suggest getting. I'd be using it for Automotive most but would take it with me to my FG jobs. Is bigger better in the 72" or does a 60" suffice for the most part. My thinking is even most FG jobs a 60" should be fine, and a 72" could be too big and bulky to get around?
  4. 2020 Srt8 Jeep. Vortex IR 45 on windshield 15 on sides.
  5. Looking to purchase a filmhandler. If I buy a 72" filmhandler, are they adjustable to hold a 36", 48"and 60" rolls? Or does it hold 72" rolls only?
  6. Hey fellow tinters, I've got 5 years auto tint under my belt and have starter taking on flat glass jobs as well. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on sealant removal? The windows are all new but the edges are all finished with calking/sealant. So there isn't really a fine finish I can cut my edges with. Would you cut out the seals, install the tint and then come back and redo the calking to cover any light gaps?
  7. I used Vortex IR 5% on customer 51 chevy. Glass was flat enough not to shrink. Film felt think and worked well. Customer was happy.
  8. What are you paying for 20" and 40" rolls? Just so I can compare price to solargard
  9. Sry for late reply. To answer some questions I too load so no I dont remove seals on most cars. I'm not familiar how to remove most seals and don't want to be removing door panels so I just top load cause that's the only way I know how. Thing is though I haven't had as many ppl come back as this year but I'm not doing anything differently. If anything I try to get bottom seals cleaner than I used to. Just trying a few things to see if I still get peeling windows after I try different tint. Also I've been having quality issues with solargard for a while. I find little cuts in the tint sometimes, scuffs and sometimes bugs and what not. Also sometimes it feels like they send a completely different tint that curls opposite way of what I'm used to and just rediculasly static. Not happy .
  10. Hey guys, I started tinting back in 2015 and when I started I decided to go with solargard NR Charcoal only because a well know shop from a town over used it and I figured it would be a good film to use. Well long story short I've noticed a decline in quality in the film and after a brutal winter here north of the border I find myself replacing more windows than I'd like cause the start peeling. I'm assuming adhesive failure.. I've done some research and alot of ppl recommend Global. What line of tint is the most common that installers like from Global? Also anyone here have a contact number for a supplier in Ontario?
  11. FehrTintGuy

    2017 Audi A4

    Hi, i have a Audi A4 coming in shortly and was just wondering if theres anything i need to be careful for or any tricks that might help with it. Havent done a Audi in a while
  12. 20% all around on this 17 stingray!
  13. I dont quite understand the reverse roll. I know its simple but heres what i dont understand. When i watch some videos on this they roll it up and unroll in the car with the liner facing installer. but when i roll it up and unroll on inside the liner is facinf glass. What am i doing wrong?
  14. Hey fellow tinters. Ive been full time tinting on my own for 2 years. Today im tinting a fiat 500L and noticed the rear quarters are plastic. Ive heard many times not to tint the plastic. Im curious why cant it be tinted? What happens? Will the tint not stick? Thanks for feedback in advanced
  15. Ok thanks. Where do you buy your tools from? I usually use 44tools.