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  2. Located in Auburn Alabama this is a perfect shop for someone trying to work for themselves. It is owner operated with no additional employees and very low overhead. In a rented building with shop area, waiting room, office and bathroom all in clean/nice condition. Fully furnished air conditioned with plotter and full inventory. Going on 5 full years in business with great branding and fully established online presence with about 50 customer reviews, all 5 stars. It is about 25-30 hours per week but will need more as the business grows. 2018 total income $112k with profits of about $73k. Owner is relocating to a different state. Asking 50k plus inventory with seller financing possible. Serious inquiries only. For more info please text or call Derek at (308) 367-6617 and leave a voicemail.
  3. I always roll the window down a little extra then roll it back up a click or two before cutting or installing the tint. You always make sure the last direction you roll the window is up. Do this to every car that comes through, it only adds maybe four seconds to the tint job lol
  4. That would be sweet thank you!
  5. Okay I will keep messin with my slip solution. It's good to hear I'm not the only one that has this issue lol I've also been told to clean with steel wool because a razor blade won't do it. Thanks for all your help on this! Good luck to you too man thanks for the heads up
  6. Your right it is substantially worse when the water beads up like that on the window. I did a 2017 Altima with little to no issues and then turned around the same day and did an 06 M35 which gave me lots of headache. Even the rear window gave me issues. I haven't noticed if it worse on laminated windows but I will start looking for that
  7. War Eagle all the way Bham! Lol I have tried adding more slip but I still get the same outcome it just makes it harder to keep the fillm from moving when I squeegee it out. This would be manageable but I still get chunks of adhesive no matter how much slip I add. I've been tinting for over two years and never had this issue. I have not tried alcohol. I thought about it but I didn't know if that would stain or damage fabric. I will give definitely give it a try tho BTW I even tried scraping the Windows with Windex then scrub with 409, squeegee and wipe window dry then do final squeegee with tint slime before install
  8. Well I've tried cleaning with 409 and Windex also tried using a fine mist with no change. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!! So frustrated
  9. Thanks for all your input guys! I've already tried adding more slip (it just makes the film almost impossible to anchor down and squeegee out but still has adhesive problems) and I also use dirt off already which doesn't help. I will try using more of a fine mist like shadytints suggests ????. I'm also thinking about trying a harder cleaning solution and then going back over with the dirt off. Mainly because some cars I have little to no issue and other cars I can't do a single window without having the issue so this makes me think it has to be something on the glass that is causing the tacking issue. 409 and Windex are good ideas!
  10. It's definitely worse when the water beads up like that but even when I add more slip it still pulls off some of the adhesive and it's so slick that it constantly moves while squeegeing
  11. Wait I think I got it backwards lol I install the bottom first so I guess that would be bottom loading hahaha my bad!
  12. Thanks lol I had no idea. I am top loading with panels pulled. Also using purified water. It's weird because it only happens at the top half of the window.
  13. Sorry for some reason the pictures are sideways so it's a little hard to see
  14. Hey guys I've recently been having some issues with the film tacking too early. Some cars seem to be worse than others. But I have tried J&J shampoo, tint slime and film on. They are all about the same with film on being worse. I start my slip with 1/4 oz and slowly add more but no matter how much I add the problem keeps happening. The first two picks are what it looks like when the tint is on the glass. The last picture shows it on the tint after I pull it off the window. Hoping you guys will have some ideas or have had this problem before. Using Llumar and also tried a sample of solar fx with the same issue. Thanks for all your help!
  15. Sorry shoulda mentioned it's not for tinting under. When it's really hot I have my customers drop off 30 min - 1 hour early so their car can cool before pulling it into the shop. So I just need one to set up in front of the shop. I just cant decide what size I need. Thanks for the input!