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  1. got you, I will probably just do that and take the loss. Sucks having to do that on a freaking beetle and it came out pretty decent. Thats a bummer, there has to be a way to put wording on an invoice and have them sign it off prior to the job.
  2. So we had a VW Beetle come in for a tint job. We tinted the car and it came out pretty good. the back laid down nice and clean, the sides were very clean, and she left very happy. One day later she calls and complains about bubbles, so I explained the drying process to her once again, and told her to wait a week to 2 weeks for everything to dry and settle. 2 weeks pass and they come back and there are little teeny tiny specs, so we redo all of the sides and touch up the back. The back came out 8/10 for that window. no creases or anything, just tiny specs, which weren't bad at all. So 5 days pass and her bf calls and says the tint job is nowhere near perfect and all this. they want a refund. I feel they are trying to get over on us. The job was very complete, the only thing i could think of is little tiny specs on the windows, if that. we do very clean work. But most cars have some degree of contamination, we try to get perfect, but nothing is perfect. Any opinions?
  3. Just picked up a Vinyl Express Q42 and having issues getting it to cut properly. This is my first plotter so know nothing about them.It cuts in some areas and not in others. Is there certain settings and accessories I should be using? Not too sure if I have the correct blase and cutting strip as well. Thank You
  4. Hello, new to the site. I have a 2016 Nissan NV coming in tomorrow, just curious if there is anything to look out for? From what it looks like is a breeze.