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  1. If you got to look at some thing for decades......
  2. Those blue ones are for flat glass i believe, use a black and white or similar for first pass to get the film flat, then use the soft black rubber cut like a wedge for final pass (contours to glass). Use bulldozer for bottom of back glasses.
  3. I soak the window with castle glass cleaner trapped between the film and old liner material over night, almost always peels of clean.
  4. 3m color stable film removes clean at room temperature.
  5. I also use red, blue and crape colored elastics to color code the shades of film, blue for light, crape for med and red for dark. Also slit to varying widths to limit waste.
  6. Had some spare time on my hands. Here is a pic of how I store my rolls of film, there in wooden cabinets (keep dust out) standing on the core plugs which are screwed onto plywood. I also store the patterns of all the model of cars I have tinted (the rolls of used liners can be seen up top, I have approx 1500). Was just wondering what others do.
  7. niagaratinting

  8. I would vote the '18 style vw gulf as being the most awkward to get at, very small space to get the film through. Being a one man show, many years ago I standardized my prices instead of trying to keep track of the window configuration of each car. A pair of doors was $---, as well as, all two door cars had a set price and and all 4 four door cars had a set price. Trucks varied based upon the model configuration. Even though some model are more difficult then others, now a days you can get a 4dr 5 window vehicle up to a 4dr 11 window vehicle it still feels easier to just say "all four door cars are $---". I think customers feel better knowing that they are all paying the same. After 30 years of tinting nothing is really difficult anymore, some vehicles just take a little longer, its really not that much in the grand scale of a career.
  9. Tips for tinting the 2015 Cadillac CTS 1. hold start button 10 sec to go into service mode (power stays on) 2. sweeps removable, remove 7mm behind handle, pry top of panel back from 5 horizontal clips (2 flat screwdrivers or prying tools work good), pull sweep out. Window down when installing sweeps. 3. lubrication on glass from seals removable with rubbing alcohol. 4. rear headrests pullout with seat backs forward. 5. side panels press against back glass, not a lot of play with width of back glass, when forming try not to cut past matrix much (1mm) 6. lower heater lines retained water where heat formed (bad on freezing days)
  10. Tips for tinting the Chevrolet Cruze 1. Rear brake light can be removed via 2 15 torx screws from within trunk. (need long bit/screw driver)(easy) 2. connection to wiring harness has secondary locking clip (grey) remove, black connection little tricky to remove sometimes.(easy)
  11. hmmm...Chrysler 200 sry about that.....1st post, will have to figure out how to change that in the posting title....
  12. Tips for tinting the 2015 chrysler 200 1. remove bolt behind interior door handles and pull back on top of door panel, will allow access to remove sweeps. (easy) 2. (viewing from the back seat) rear brake light can be removed by lifting up under front lip, there are 3 clips holding front down, 2 slides at the back. There is a very short wire attached to left side of brake light, disconnect wire (for me this wire pulled of the assembly when i tried to pull it out, may have to work at it if this is not normal). When installing I needed to disassemble the unit (has two 15 torx screws), attach the wire then reassemble it using just the bit with my fingers (tight space). Brake light slides back in easy. Should take about 5 minutes with practice.. 3. headrests removable