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  1. Whenever I get a call and there’s that much water left I know it’s time to change my squeegee blade but that doesn’t mean it won’t be ok. Tinter probably uses a softer type of blade for back glasses. That’s what I do
  2. I probably wouldn’t have but got a sweet deal from a guy that tried it for a year and gave up. It saves my finger tips from being raw from holding the knife all day and keeps my shoulder from a lot of aches n pains from being held up so much. Worth staying out of the dr’s office to me...although I don’t go unless an artery is cut or a bone broken
  3. Had a set screw on a brand new Ford truck yesterday and I about fell off the sidestep I was so shocked. Nice surprise
  4. When the plotter is your friend you are a plotter’s accomplice
  5. Any advice on which one I should buy from or if it’s all the same? Thanks again
  6. Am I getting the same film if I order from global or express? Also which line of theirs would be closest to Suntek HP? Thanks
  7. Third picture has the first part of your headache. First one has two of the 3 screws. The next one is easy enough to find. My advice if you’re not familiar with this type of monster is to tell the customer to take the car to BMW and have them remove the door windows and bring em to you like that. Whoever said it was a piece of cake I salute you for your bravery and I will contact you next time one of these shows up so I can fly you up to Wisconsin to tackle it. I’ll do the back and you can hit the doors....2 guys from the body shop next door helped me so yeah it was not as bad as it could’ve been
  8. You need one of these. Ventless. 99% efficient. This one is a 100,000 btu that heated a 20x40 shop with 20' ceilings in Wisconsin for full time tinting. I used lp but they set them up for natural gas too. About $600 out the door at Northern tool. You'll need to hook up a thermostat too. I moved shops and don't need it at the new one so I'm taking this one to the garage. Used mine for two winters without a single issue
  9. Stretching the film is cake when the glass is off the car. Can't barely be done when the body of the car is there. I like the method but we tint windows on cars usually
  10. I don't think a little alcohol in the solution is going to change results a ton but worth a shot...maybe if you have an extra sprayer with more alcohol than normal in it and lift the edges that are trouble and spray under there. A little alcohol may also be of benefit after a stressful day....moderation
  11. Yep did one quite some years back for the man that lived next to the shop where I was. I think it was about 18" from the top. Still looked small on that aquarium face
  12. I thought that too but the thought was there n gone. She's going to the dealership for full ditz exposure
  13. Right about 80" long brow. I also had the joy of tinting the top 5" of his front doors which had triangles to go with. Happy Peterbilts are common in these parts wouldve put a finished pic up but I only take pictures if they're clean
  14. Anyone ever have somebody ask about the rear lights after tinting fronts only? Someone asked me if I disconnected them while tinting it and I about fainted wondering if they got sensors or something electrical for the rear lights hiding in the front door As you can tell by the question I don't pull panels thanks....go tint now