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  1. Hi WearTheFoxHat, Have sou solved this issue? What did you use at the end? Viukuiti or PPF? Thanks TCS
  2. Hi everybody. I am Tulio Souza from Brazil I would like to confirm with you one doubt I have . Do you know if Efilm is available for the public or is it a "closed software" that only the members of IWFA can use it? If so, do you know how I can get it? I am not member of IWFA, but I can join if I will have access to Efilm. Also, do you know if the films from Global are available on software, or only the IWFA manufacturers members? BIM is common practice here in Brazil, but mostly for new buildings that are applying for LEED certification. Simulate an existing building with the old and inefficient glass, is something more difficult and the experts in simulation kind of avoid doing this simulation since the results are not that precise. I would like to know from you if you recomend to use efilm, or other more consolidated software in BIM segment like Design Builder or Energy Plus itself? Thanks all