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  1. Is yellowing a problem with any ppf for white cars? Is there going to be a difference between Xpel and Suntek? I've read that Suntek tends to have less yellowing compared to XPEL. And FWIW, I'm planning on keeping the car for over 5 years and it will be garage kept (but no garage queen). Thanks in advance!
  2. That's so funny that you included a white Mustang with Blue stripes!! that's exactly what I have, except it's a GT. I'm trying to find a match to the blue GT350 stripes, like your pic above. thanks!
  3. Stripes are glossy. My detailer (who has a very busy and well reviewed business) mentioned "lensing" as a reason to put the vinyl over the PPF... He said the line of the edge of the stripe is going to look magnified with a layer of clear film overlying it.
  4. I'm planning on adding racing stripes to my ride and it's been recommended that I apply the ppf first, then the vinyl. What's the consensus of the experts out there? I appreciate your advice!
  5. first timer here. I just had Xpel Ultimate installed on the front hood and fenders of my 2015 F-150. Besides the Xpel brand sealer, can you guys give me a list of other safe sealers for the ppf? Its hard to get the MSDS of these products while shopping around, so I'm hoping for some guidance here. Thanks in advance!