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  1. Talk to the owner and ask him for a raise if you feel you need more money. Worst he can say is no. You can always do side jobs.
  2. Showing off....let Phil know he still has my tools in the green bucket from the crystalline demo I gave in Indianapolis!!!!
  3. Your not going to get the answer you want....the way tint is applied there's no way they can pull defrosters. We only scrub wipe and apply
  4. I'm going representing 3M crystalline
  5. How does one retire from tint...I'm about 3-4 years in I want to be able to retire one day. What did you guys do.
  6. Who's going??
  7. What's with all the Tesla hate....I knock 1 out everyday.....I do agree the customers are dicks sometimes. It's still a good money maker. Once you learn the back window the car gets easy!
  8. There's still a few of us younger gen. That care about quality. I do!
  9. How many installers to a car?
  10. Not a pissing contest or anything but all around crystalline back window one piece takes me 5ish hours. I feel like that is slow anyone else want to chime in?
  11. When it comes to working for someone else or a shop... is the shop supposed to supply tools?
  12. Ight...I do 120 tint jobs...but that's all family and friends
  13. We sell 3m so I'm not really worried about quality
  14. But like you guys said I'll get over it