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  1. I ended up quitting my current job and not doing anything work related for 2 weeks. Plan on going full time sub.
  2. Idk I would like to stay in the automotive Industry for sure.
  3. Recently been tired of tinting feel like getting into a different line of work. I used to love what I do but recently just haven’t been into it as much? Any of you guys feel the same way? If so what did you do to get that motivation again?
  4. Went from doing nothing but teslas to regular cars. Man I miss tinting them. What's your favorite cars to tint??
  5. Window tinter looking for work. Specializing in teslas. Mainly looking to work with teslas. 3m crystalline certified. I also can install vinyl and chrome deletes. Mainly looking to work on teslas!!!! Socal 9094930949 felix @teslatint on Instagram
  6. I sub put all my work to. I would to use a shop for my own work and shop work but most shops look at me all crazy or want to charge to much.
  7. Glad to see post going up. I hope everyone is pulling thru all this crap. Picture info My side project civic I wrapped. I tinted the windshield madico 35% madico 20% on the 2 fronts, the back half is xpel. Xpel back window is starting to blister at defroster lines, less than a year.
  8. I've always said that those 99 dollar shops hurt the industry more than anything. I have 3m and suntek and they want that for 120 bucks.
  9. The sunroof goes way past the headliner both front and back the front about an inch past the headliner. The back window is like the S rear window except it has a third brake light.
  10. Crystalline 20 all around @Midtown Houston WYA?
  11. I know I'm not the first to tint it. Glad I finally got ahold of it! I'll be letting you guys know of any issues or concerns!
  12. I'm insanely grateful for any work that's coming in....I wish everyone the best of luck. Crystalline 20 all around on the model S and white 3 Cr 70 windshield on the white 3 Blue model 3 and model S came in for a chrome delete.
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